4 Reasons Auto Mechanics Should Call Seattle Home

seattle You might expect an automotive technician job to look and feel the same regardless of where in the country you live, but sometimes a career can seem radically different from one location to another. A region's economic environment and its offerings for how you spend time outside of work can impact your attitude about your career. When it comes to service technician job opportunities and quality of life, the Pacific Northwest may be a great workplace option for you.

Seattle is one of America's most beloved cities. From the iconic Space Needle to nearby Mt. Rainier National Park, there is a lot to love about the Emerald City. If you're looking for a change in environment for yourself and your auto mechanic career, below are the reasons why we think you should call Seattle your new home.

1. Business is Good

The Seattle metropolitan area is home to nearly 4 million inhabitants, many of who commute into the city daily for work. Despite its size, however, Seattle's public transportation options are very limited for its residents. Currently, there is only one light-rail system, which runs from SeaTac airport to downtown, and an inter-city bus system. These limited options leave little choice for city commuters but to rely on cars as their main mode of transportation. More vehicles on the road translates to a higher need for auto maintenance and repair. To ensure supply meets demand, auto mechanic companies must continually recruit auto mechanics.

2. Economic Stability

Though the economic crisis of 2008 affected every market in the U.S., the Seattle area has shown tremendous strength and resolve, escaping many of the negative impacts. In fact, as of July 2013, the unemployment rate in Seattle is only 4.8%, which is well below the national average. With such high demands for the workforce, job security is very bright–auto service technicians can certainly feel valued in this market. Couple that with an average salary that is 10% higher than the national average and Seattle emerges as a truly desirable place to work.

3. Urban Life

Living in a city the size of Seattle has its perks. Seattle is home to many venues that host world-class entertainment each month. If you're a sports enthusiast, then maybe you'll enjoy rooting for one of Seattle's four professional sports teams. From the NFL to the WNBA, Seattle has all the bases covered. Attractions such as the Space Needle, Pacific Science Center and Experience Music Project all provide outstanding opportunities to entertain your family and friends. And for daily living, you'll find the miles of Puget Sound waterfront, and a great variety of breweries and restaurants, a delightful way to spend your free time.

4. Natural Beauty

Seattle is infamous for its overcast weather and rainy days. What you aren't told is that it actually receives less rain than most of the major cities on the east coast. When the sun is out, the spectacular views of deep forests, scenic waterways and ice-capped mountains combine to make Seattle one of the most naturally stunning cities in the U.S. Whether you want to go kayaking, fishing or camping, Seattle offers limitless possibilities for outdoor activities. Within a 90-minute drive, you can be standing at the foothills of one of the tallest peaks in the entire country, Mt. Rainier.

So, what do you think?  Can the environment in which you live away from work really make the difference in your happiness? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Contributed to jobs.net by Kim Evans

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