Laughter Seals the Deal: How to Use Humor in Your Sales Pitches


Laughter truly is an ice-breaker. People love laughing. The sound of a baby's laughter makes everyone stop and smile, and a good afternoon of guffawing at a comedy film can really brighten your day. So how can a sense of humor and the ability to crack a joke or two help you close a sale?

  1. Humor makes people comfortable. When you strike the right tone, a humorous aside or mention can lighten the mood and wake up your audience. All too often, sales presentations are dry or laden with facts that, while relevant, are hardly exciting. Whether you're delivering a pitch over the phone, or on-site as a brand ambassador, a bit of humor can wake up your audience. You have to be careful not to go over the top - a sales representative who spends more time cracking jokes than sharing product information won't be taken seriously. But a sales representative who uses humor to develop relationships may soon find themselves getting promoted to account manager.
  2. Humor makes your confidence shine. It takes a very confident presenter to be able to make jokes and add levity and easy to a sales pitch or client call. By injecting a little humor into these situations, you will come across as approachable, confident, and secure to clients.
  3. Humor makes your sales pitch memorable. When you're making a full sales presentation to a client, there's often lots to go over. Even if you're selling the most exciting products or services in the world, it can get a bit tedious. Inserting jokes or lighter moments throughout your presentation will wake the audience up and shake them from their doldrums. They're more likely to pay attention to the next bit so they don't miss anything!

Now that you know how humor can help you develop relationships and keep your client's interests, you must be careful not to overdo things. As we mentioned earlier, if you go too heavy on the jokes, no one will take you seriously. But what else must you keep in mind?

  1. Never make the joke at anyone else's expense. Jokes have their place in the business world, but you must be careful never to be mean-spirited. Even if you're making fun of an arbitrary celebrity or political figure – cruel jokes should never be made. You never know who is fond of those famous folks, or who will simply find it offensive on principle.
  2. Keep it clean. It should go without saying, but don't use offensive or questionable language in your jokes.
  3. Avoid politics. Much like you shouldn't make jokes at the expense of others, avoid bringing politics or other controversial and polarizing topics into the mix. Keep things light.
  4. Stay on track. Don't forget the main point of your presentation – after all, you want to close the sale! Don't get distracted because you're having fun.

What are some of your favorite methods for engaging clients and closing sales deals?

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