IT Pros are Heroes On and Off the Big Screen

IT Heroes

The typical software engineer probably doesn't list, "Saved the world from doom," as a professional accomplishment on his or her resume. However, there is some truth to this seemingly dramatic claim. The reality is that skilled IT professionals are in high demand by a booming tech industry for very good reasons.

Whether they are solving computer-related technical issues, improving website performance, or developing systems to streamline workflow, technical experts often spell relief and save money for companies. These reasons are precisely why, in many workplaces, the IT professional is considered an unofficial resident hero.

And when it comes to heroism in the workplace, employers aren't the only ones taking note. The movie industry has long employed computer programmers, systems analysts, and electrical engineers –- not just for their sophisticated IT skills but also for their ability to bring in millions of dollars in a single weekend. IT pros have been portrayed in many blockbuster films over the years. Whether the movie character is the lead protagonist disarming a doomsday device or the accomplice providing pivotal intelligence to defeat aliens, audiences are fascinated by characters that possess the ability to access and manipulate information in order to outsmart the bad guys.

When it comes to real-life character inspiration, moviegoers remain an eager audience. In fact, after the passing of tech icon Steve Jobs, Hollywood buzz quickly turned to the topic of who should portray the beloved Apple cofounder in a movie.

Indeed, modern technology has inspired the film industry for decades. The following movies showcase a variety of characters distinguished by their tech savvy ability to advance the storyline.

IT Heroes Movie Chart

Characters that can masterfully control information fascinate moviegoers, but these films also reveal the heroic potential IT pros possess. After all, as integral members of organizations everywhere, tech professionals make vast contributions to our quality of life and generate billions of dollars for our economy. As technologies continue to advance, screenwriters will likely weave even greater technical complexity into the movie plots that delight audiences. Meanwhile, the everyday IT professional can enjoy the unexpected benefits of being a workplace celebrity and playing the role of professional hero.

What heroic accomplishments have you made or witnessed in the workplace? Who knows, someone from Hollywood could be reading...

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