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Industrial Health and Safety Specialist

Company: N/A

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Pay: $55,000.00 - $72,000.00 /Year

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Job Description

The Safety / Health Engineer eliminates or controls hazardous conditions resulting from human error, equipment and machine operations that may lead to human injury and/or property damage. This role must apply advanced mathematical techniques; professional engineering principles, methods and techniques; safety-related elements of the physical sciences, ergonomics, psychology and physiology; and safety principles, standards, practices and analytical techniques.

·        Assist in identification, analysis and control of occupational hazards requiring the application of professional engineering knowledge, skill and abilities.

·        May advise on structural safety requirements based on failure mode analysis of such factors as fatigue, stability, stress, concentration and creep; develop and apply methods for the safe installation of storage and piping systems for compressed gases; design protective equipment or safety devices for machines and redesign machines and plant equipment to eliminate occupational hazards; and/or review proposed occupational safety policies, guidelines and standards to determine their consistency with accepted engineering principles and practices and recommend technical changes as needed.

·        Apply knowledge of psychological and physiological factors to assist in the design of safety features and controls, compensating for the possibility of human errors in the operation of machinery and equipment.

·        Review plans and specifications for new machinery and equipment to make sure they meet safety requirements

·        Identify and correct potential hazards by inspecting facilities, machinery, and safety equipment

·        Evaluate the effectiveness of various industrial control mechanisms

·        Ensure that a building or product complies with health and safety regulations, especially after an inspection that required changes

·        Install safety devices on machinery or direct the installation of these devices

·        Review employee safety programs and recommend improvements

·        Maintain and apply knowledge of current policies, regulations, and industrial processes

·        Investigate industrial accidents, injuries, or occupational diseases to determine their causes and to determine whether the incidents could have been or can be prevented.

·        Interview employers and employees to learn about work environments and incidents that lead to accidents or injuries; evaluate the corrections that were made to remedy violations found during health inspections.

·        Active in two related fields: industrial hygiene and occupational hygiene; in industrial hygiene, they focus on the effects of chemical, physical, and biological agents; recognize, evaluate, and control these agents to keep people from becoming sick or injured.

·        In occupational hygiene, investigate the environment in which people work and use science and engineering to recommend changes to keep workers from being exposed to sickness or injuries; help employers and employees understand the risks, and improve working conditions and working practices.

Job Requirements

Must have a bachelor’s degree, typically in an engineering discipline such as electrical, chemical, mechanical, industrial, or systems engineering; another acceptable field of study is occupational or industrial hygiene.

Related safety engineering certifications.

Five years of safety engineering experience.