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Distribution Operator 2

Company: N/A

Location: Reno, NV

Pay: N/A

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Job Description

Position Summary

Light Assembly operator with capability to function in certain core distribution functions.


Major Responsibilities

Positions parts together with bolts, screws, speed clips, rivets, or other fasteners according to knowledge of unit being assembled or following blueprints.

Removes small quantities of metal with hand files and scrapers to produce close fit between parts.

Operates drill presses, punch presses or riveting machines to assist in assembly operation.

Works at bench as member of assembly group assembling one or two specific parts and passing unit to another worker.

Loads and unloads previously setup machines such as arbor presses, drill presses, taps, spot-welding machines, riveting machines, milling machines, or broaches to perform fastening,
force fitting, or light metal cutting operation on assembly line.

Cleans, aligns, drills, and/or reams rivet holes; removes and replaces defective rivets; aligns parts and inserts rivets in rivet holes; positions parts with rivet head, rivets
or holes in work pieces over/against anvil or die; places die of rivet gun or rivet set over end of rivet shank

Aligns holes of work pieces and inserts shanks of rivets into holes or onto anvil of machine.

Depresses pedal to lower ram that spreads rivet shank to clinch work pieces

Fills hopper with rivets when operating semiautomatic machines.

Assist in all physical inventory

Moving, picking, stocking, staging products and materials using a walkie rider forklift.

Job Requirements