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Health Services Consultant

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Location: Harrisburg, PA

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Job Description

Position Summary:     

Health Services Consultant position exists to provide leadership and support to the community support teams responsible for assisting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to recognize and care for their unique and emerging health care needs

The RN:  

Health Services Consultant will monitor and coordinate health care services through teaching and assisting people in developing personal competencies that will allow them to more fully participate in all aspects of their own health care needs.   Health Services Consultant will work closely with the Interdisciplinary Team to promote, maintain and restore health, prevent complications and provide for optimum physical, psychological and spiritual comfort for each individual.  Additionally, practices are to be consistent with the purpose, vision and values of Keystone Human Services as well as policies and procedures developed by the agency.  This position is supervised by the Director of Health Services.

Minimum Requirements:

The  Health Services Consultant must have the following groups of qualifications:

  • Must possess a current and valid RN or LPN license in Pennsylvania

  • Must possess a valid PA driver’s license and have daily access to a privately maintained vehicle

  • Have at least 2 years of work experience in the medical field and ideally work experience with individuals diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities

  • Know the availability of resources and services in the community that will provide an optimal level of wellness for the person(s) being supported

  • Will have a high degree of independent functioning with minimal direct supervision

  • Will have clinical competencies in all aspects of nursing and be able to apply nursing skills and sound judgment during the nursing process

Physical Requirements:

  • The position will demand frequent standing, walking, sitting, lifting or carrying up to 30 pounds

  • The position requires frequent local travel to residential homes and occasional travel for meeting and training opportunities.

Behavioral Requirements:

  • The position will interact frequently with other employees within (agency), as well as throughout Keystone Human Services, requiring the ability to work collaboratively and effectively with people of diverse personalities, attitudes and temperament.

  • Will advocate for and adhere to proactive health care practices that assist in maintaining the highest standards of health achievable for each individual when interacting with professionals in a medical setting

  • Be a valued role model in the areas of dress, appearance, personal conduct and presentation of self

  • The position will encounter time-sensitive deadlines, requiring flexibility, adaptability to change, time management skills and organizational skills.

  • Respond effectively in high stress/crisis situations

Scheduled Hours:

  •  Varies according to program needs; 80 hours per two week pay period

Essential Functions:

  • As certain that all assigned programs comply with all applicable regulations and standards.

  •  Maintain an effective, responsible, and productive working relationship with supervisor, peers, and subordinates.

  • Maintain a current knowledge base in health care services delivery for people with intellectual and developmental; disabilities.

  • Consult with Director of health Services and Regional Director verbally and/or in writing concerning the health status of persons supported.

  • Develop and implement health care services for persons as appropriate according to all federal, state and county regulations and requirements, and in a socially valued manner.

  • Establish priorities and remain flexible when faced with multiple conflicting demands.

  • Ensure that client confidentiality is maintained at all times.

  • Consistently communicate and practice the agency’s purpose, guiding values, and principles.                                                      Participate in training activities and other means of personal and professional development.

  • Read, thoroughly understand and maintain compliance with personnel guidelines and all other agency policies and operational directives as well as all updates and revisions.

  • Be an active, self-directed participant of the team, committed to problem-solving, accepting and giving feedback, as appropriate, and interacting in a respectful and positive manner with team members.

  • Treat individuals with dignity, respect and use language consistent with a person of their age and culture.

Job Duties:

  •  Participate in pre-admission, admission, discharge/transfer of individuals as related to health care needs.

  • Consult and/or meet with individual’s health care practitioner as needed.

  • Develop and maintain excellent, collaborative, and cooperative relationships with all management staff as appropriate.

  • Develop, prepare and deliver case specific educational information as it relates to each individual in order to enhance the medical knowledge of all employees.

  • Assist with the licensing process of assigned programs as requested.

  • Assist with the assessment of referrals to evaluate appropriateness of placement in regards to their health care needs.

  • Consult with support staff regarding completion and accuracy of the Lifetime Medical History and the annual physical and OTC orders.

  • Correctly complete all documentation in a legible, objective, professional manner and within prescribed time frames.  All documents are considered legally binding, confidential and the property of Keystone Human Services.  When removing or travelling with individual’s documents, they must be in a locked container/briefcase.

  • Submit reimbursement requests, time cards, travel vouchers and other related fiscal paper work in a timely manner to the Regional Director.  Send electronic copies to the Director of Health Services.

  • Actively participate in regional Management Team meetings.

  • Actively participate in regional Incident Management Committee meetings.

  • Actively participate in regional Treatment and Ethics Committee meetings.

  • Maintain an active Certified Investigator’s certificate and complete health related investigations as assigned.

  • Accomplishes all responsibilities as appropriately assigned or requested.

Job Requirements