I'm Sold! 9 Personality Traits of Amazing Salespeople

Research shows that eight percent of the world's salespeople make a staggering 80 percent of the industry's non-routine sales. But what gives these special salespeople an edge over their competitors? It all comes down to personality.

They're Personable

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Salespeople must form relationships with prospective clients to build trust. The ones who perform best are personable and have advanced communication skills. They have the gift of the gab, and prefer to deliver personalized pitches rather than cookie-cutter sales banter. They're also excellent listeners who can synthesize important information about potential clients and understand their needs. They'll always devise the best questions to extract essential information necessary to help their clients and make a good first impression.

Amazing salespeople are equally at-home talking one-on-one to a client and liaising with a sales team at a business meeting or corporate event. They're typically extroverts, comfortable with people from all walks of life and confident in a variety of social settings.

They're Helpful

The most amazing salespeople aren't motivated solely by big commissions. Instead, they genuinely care about their clients and want to do whatever they can to make their lives easier. It's this motivation that endears them to the public and helps them make more sales. They become truly invested in each and every one of their clients, and their genuine sincerity shines through.

They're Honest

Amazing salespeople know that their words are tied to their reputations, so they're very careful to always be honest. You'll never hear an amazing salesperson promising that a product can perform better than its capabilities, or that its operating costs will be less than they actually are. Promising the moon might help a salesperson clinch some sales in the short term, but as word spreads the effect of these lies will be disastrous. An amazing salesperson stays on the straight and narrow and speaks openly and honestly to all clients.

They're Passionate

It's easy for amazing salespeople to be honest about the products and services they sell because they genuinely believe in them. They couldn't push inferior goods onto consumers, because this would violate their beliefs. Their honest passion for their products and services shines through their pitches, and consumers respond to it.

They're Calm, Cool, and Collected

FOX Business recently listed a career in sales amongst its top 10 most stressful jobs, right alongside jobs in the military, police work, and firefighting. It went on to say that almost three-quarters of salespeople report high levels of stress. The remaining quarter that can rise above the sales quotas and countless rejections are probably the ones excelling in this competitive field.

Amazing salespeople can maintain their composure in a high-pressure sales environment. They know that blowing their top in a moment of weakness could leave a bad impression which will forever sour a relationship with a client. They remember to just breathe through the stress and employ other relaxation techniques to stay calm, cool, and collected.

They're Self-Motivated

What sometimes seems like an endless string of rejection can take its toll, but amazing salespeople know how to rise above the setbacks. As they can't rely on the approval of others to keep them motivated, they look inside themselves to keep going.

Amazing salespeople remind themselves of their previous achievements to give themselves a boost, and aim to improve their records to help them stay hungry. These personal goals have got nothing to do with company-imposed quotas or the expectations of others.

Amazing salespeople also remember what drew them to a career in sales in the first place, and use that as fuel to keep them going when times are tough. As the wages of most salespeople at least partially depend on commission, they rely on this self-motivation to sustain a living. And so they roll up their sleeves and work long hours, no matter what setbacks they face, to get the job done.

They're Patient

Amazing salespeople know that just two percent of sales occur at a first meeting. They appreciate that it takes time to build a successful business relationship, and they're patient enough to wait it out.

Not that they're simply biding their time until the dollars appear. Instead, they use the time at their disposal to get to know prospective clients and understand their challenges, wants, and needs. They follow-up not just first meetings, but second and third meetings too, building brand recognition while waiting patiently until a prospective client has the money to spare or the need for their products or services.

They're Tenacious

Amazing salespeople know "No" doesn't always mean "No." In many cases it simply means "Not right now." In fact, 80 percent of non-routine sales occur after at least five rejections. This explains why the 44 percent of salespeople who give up after one "No," and the 22 percent who give up after two rejections never make the big commissions of their more tenacious rivals.

Amazing salespeople accept the knockbacks and continue to stay the course. They don't see "no" as a rejection, but a challenge, and so they tenaciously ask the question at least five times. This has been dubbed the "five nos strategy" by sales insiders who know it's the best way to maximize conversions. Too many follow-ups are a wasted effort, as some people will never utilize your products or services, but tenaciously approaching a prospective client at least five times ensures leads aren't wasted.

They're Eager to Learn

Amazing salespeople know that it doesn't matter how long you've been in the game, there's always something new to learn. The sales industry continues to change and evolve, but amazing salespeople are determined to stay on top of any new developments. They make sure to learn about new selling practices, emerging technologies, and consumer psychology so they can refine their techniques and continue to excel. Attending seminars, engaging with web forums, and digesting whatever relevant materials they can get their hands on are all an integral part of the learning process for amazing salespeople.

A sound education and solid products will only get you so far. If you really want to edge out your sales competitors, you'll need to develop these personality traits to succeed.

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