Best Portland Industries of 2014

More and more technology companies are rushing to invest in Portland's economy. Construction on new sites in the city brings plenty of new job opportunities as well. Not only will Portland experience a boost in construction and real estate industries, but a sustained growth in other industries as well. These new sites will need Managers of all kinds, including social media managers and others who will help each business form a bond with the community, which is a top priority for businesses in Portland, Oregon.

With dependency upon technology growing by the day, it's easy to see why the technology industry is one of the most popular. The increased use of smartphones and tablets make jobs in technology the best when it comes to job outlook and career growth. Alongside Technology and Management, Health Care Occupations are also among the best Portland industries of 2014. As our country's population continues to grow exponentially, the need for health care practitioners will never decrease. The job outlook for professions in all three industries is incredibly high, with an expected growth of about 30 percent over the next ten years in the following fields.


Business management jobs are among the highest paid positions in Portland. Technological companies are moving into the area and opening new businesses at an incredible rate. As a result, real estate and construction, and technology industries are on the rise. Not only do all these new companies need various levels of management, but project managers will oversee the construction and set-up from day one.

Education and experience requirements are steep with most management positions requiring a master's degree and at least a few years of experience, but considering the responsibilities involved and the rate of pay and benefits these jobs offer, the requirements are reasonable.

Meeting, Convention, and Event Planning

Though jobs in business management are the highest paying in Portland, analysts, organizers, and advisers are in the highest demand. Today's successful business requires reaching out to people and a strong bond with the surrounding community. That's where event planners come in handy.

Managers can only do so much while running their business, with daily operations taking up a great deal of their time. Hiring a convention planner to manage the details of corporate meetings, staff meetings, or events involving the community can have a huge impact on how people see the business. If you're a people person and love planning parties and such, this is a great career path to consider.

Personal Financial Advice

The communities in Portland will grow along with their economy, and more and more people will find themselves in need of a personal financial adviser. With the recent and expected growth in freelance workers, these people will need someone to help them plan short-term for emergencies and long-term for retirement.

Experience as a personal financial adviser opens up doors to new opportunities in the future as well, so career growth is an added bonus for people in this field. If you're familiar with Portland's economy then you are especially helpful to the new companies now building in Portland who will need someone who understands the city's inner workings. Experience at a local bank or finance company can go a long way in this city that is very much focused on its community.

Market Research Analysis and Marketing

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Every company, from a small business to a corporation, has a specific need that requires a specialist; what do our customers want? A market research analyst's job is to answer that question, and a marketing specialist can help companies present their product or service in a way that is appealing to their specific market.

'If you build it, they will come,' is a nice dream, but any successful business owner can tell you it simply isn't enough. Every business needs someone who understands the inner workings of marketing and can use it to their advantage. The opportunity for career growth on top of great pay and a job in increasingly high demand makes marketing an especially appealing industry. This is true in Portland, where more and more new technology firms are investing and moving in.


The salary of a computer systems analyst is one of the lowest in this field, but the median annual rate of pay is almost ninety thousand dollars. Employees in this job monitor a company's computer systems as well as the procedures used in daily operations. Not only are they responsible for keeping things running smoothly, but they also design and implement new programs to improve efficiency.

Software developers, specifically those who create mobile applications, make even more money and are in increasingly high demand with the rise in use of smartphones and tablets. And the national average salary of web developers is over $100k. These jobs in technology are the highest paying, and in highest demand across the country, not just in Portland.


The healthcare industry is one of the best industries to work in within most states, and this is true in Portland as well. While government officials are busy trying to make health care more affordable, the world goes on and the need for practitioners never misses a beat.

Hospitals need a staff of not only physicians, but nurses and assistants as well. Though Portland's healthcare industry is relatively small, their system has a reputation for efficient and effective care. Whether you have a high school diploma or a master's degree, there's a place for you within this industry. As you might expect, rates of pay vary greatly from nurses aides, a job which only requires a high school diploma, to registered nurses that have obtained a bachelor's degree.

Portland is a diverse and growing landscape full of job opportunities no matter your level of education and experience. However, a bachelor's degree in computer engineering or business management can easily and quickly put you on the path to a satisfying career. Portland needs technicians, managers, and healthcare practitioners. That need will only grow with time, making these industries and those closely related the best Portland Industries of 2014.

Contributed to by Kim Evans

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