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With the use of technology increasing by the day, the job outlook for technical positions is improving exponentially. More and more companies find themselves in need of a good social media manager who can juggle their website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for them so they can focus on their business....[Continue Reading]
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More and more technology companies are rushing to invest in Portland's economy. Construction on new sites in the city brings plenty of new job opportunities as well. Not only will Portland experience a boost in construction and real estate industries, but a sustained growth in other industries as well....[Continue Reading]
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For the average American male, falling into a job or a career without much planning is too often the norm. But a number of jobs offer great salaries, prospects, and daily duties that would make many different personality types happy. Take a look at what you like and what you're good at, and find a job...[Continue Reading]
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When your employer knows you're looking for work, it puts your job security at risk because you're no longer viewed as loyal. Plus, your employer might start treating you differently since you won't be around much longer. That means you're better off keeping your job hunt a secret until you're ready...[Continue Reading]
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The Affordable Care Act, (ACA), is a health care reform bill that Congress passed into law on June 25, 2010. The major provisions of the law required: everyone to have health insurance, reform of health insurance practices, and low-cost options for people of limited means. As a result, the health care...[Continue Reading]
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