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There are jobs with excellent benefits and jobs that allow people to give back. Rarely the two meet. But in education, teachers are provided with good benefits as they help shape tomorrows. Here are a few other reasons to consider becoming a grade school teacher: Get Summers Off Image via Flickr...[Continue Reading]
guy mixing a cocktail
Modern restaurants need much more than a team of chefs and wait staff to make them succeed. These unusual careers are leading a food revolution which is taking the restaurant industry into the 21st century. Food Service Consultants Improve Efficiency You might have run your kitchen the same way...[Continue Reading]
electrician working on wiring
With the national unemployment rate hovering between six and eight percent, it's essential that your résumé showcases your best qualities. Even little mistakes can put you behind other job applicants. Blue-collar workers can make sure their résumés get more than a passing glance by avoiding these 6 simple...[Continue Reading]
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The country's most successful insurance salespeople net more than a million dollars each year. However, many wannabes lured by those big financial payoffs crash and burn in their first 12 months. Should you take the risk and transition to an insurance sales position? It all depends on you! Here are a...[Continue Reading]
Lebron James smiling for picture
Athletes and analysts are abuzz about Lebron James' move to the Cleveland Cavaliers, leading many to wonder what career advice workers can gain from him and other sports stars. It's hard to know that you're taking on a job lesson until you actually learn it – especially when it comes to career moves....[Continue Reading]
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