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mom with son and doctor in pediatric office
Previously, we shared a number of tips for calming fears in a blood lab, but our suggestions were primarily aimed at adults. While a fear of needles or anything sharp, prickly, scrapie, pokie, stabby (you get the gist) is not uncommon for grown-ups, it's far more prevalent in the youngest patients. Kids...[Continue Reading]
Experts believe retail jobs will grow by roughly 10 percent from 2012 to 2022. This growth means many people will apply for jobs in the retail industry. For many of those people, there's a big hurdle between filling out an application and starting jobs, because they have to overcome the interview jitters....[Continue Reading]
man driving truck at night
If you work as a delivery truck driver you know better than anyone how challenging it can be to pass the time during a long stretch on an open road. You don't have the kind of job that allows you to simply get up from a desk and walk over to the break room to relax or make a personal phone call. After...[Continue Reading]
head with wires attached
I know what you're going to say... give me a minute... You knew this technology would come someday, but... Hmm. I'm having a difficult time gathering the rest of what you think, but maybe "but" is the point. Mind-reading software sounds so futuristic, intriguing and unbelievable, and yet entirely within...[Continue Reading]
writers block infographic
Remember back in high school or college when you had to write a paper for a grade? Back then such homework was often viewed as a chore and it typically got in the way of much more enticing plans. That yearning to be elsewhere would become a powerful distraction and if the subject matter also happened...[Continue Reading]
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