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With Tech jobs being the second largest industry to add jobs for 2014, the need for qualified IT professionals has never been more necessary. Technology is evolving at the tip of our fingers and the skills required to create the technology is becoming more challenging and hard for employers to find.

Put your best self forward this year by sharpening your skills and knowledge in Information Technology. Let us help you decode some of those necessary skills for career growth. Explore our articles below.

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head with wires attached
I know what you're going to say... give me a minute... You knew this technology would come someday, but... Hmm. I'm having a difficult time gathering the rest of what you think, but maybe "but" is the point. Mind-reading software sounds so futuristic, intriguing and unbelievable, and yet entirely within...[Continue Reading]
web development
Do you have your eye on a long, prosperous career in information technology? It's safe to say that, if you do, you would be making a wise career choice, as evidenced by this Age of Information that continues to progress beyond our wildest dreams. As the human population moves closer and closer toward...[Continue Reading]
female holiding college degree looking at a screen with job offers
With the cost of education increasing each year, and start-up success stories of millionaire twenty-something dropouts on countless magazine covers, many wonder if a college degree is even worth it anymore. However, there are still some very lucrative majors out there. Many even cover the cost of attending...[Continue Reading]
businessman juggling
IT project managers serve as the orchestrator and ringleader to a variety of tech-related projects, such as the development of new software or the addition of security to a website, for example. These tech professionals team up with a variety of contributors to ensure a project stays on track with timelines...[Continue Reading]
Work life balance: mom and daughter
No matter the profession or the industry, everybody's challenged to master a healthy work-life balance. Going back and forth between career and family can often feel like two separate full-time jobs, and each one comes with a fair share of perks and benefits as well as a lot of hard work. But when one...[Continue Reading]
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