Six Most Exciting Technology Jobs

With the use of technology increasing by the day, the job outlook for technical positions is improving exponentially. More and more companies find themselves in need of a good social media manager who can juggle their website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for them so they can focus on their business. As their customers rely more and more on the internet to find those companies, these techies become even more valuable to the economy.

There are many exciting technology jobs, and the need for technicians is steadily growing. Below are just a few tech jobs to get you started in your search.

Computer Systems Analysts $85,000

A computer systems analyst does much more than simply keep a business' computers up and running. These technicians have to keep up with the workflow throughout the entire network within that business. A variety of fields need these analysts, including health care facilities and banking institutions.

Analysts not only have to make sure the equipment is working properly, but that all employees have everything they need to do their jobs efficiently. They must also assess the worth of upgrading system components – be they software or hardware, for one computer or for the network – and weigh the increase in efficiency against the cost of the upgrade.

Most employers prefer a technician with a bachelor's degree in a computer related field. According to, 38 percent of IT job seekers hold a Bachelor's Degree. Computer Systems Analysts can substitute experience for a degree in some instances.

Social Media Manager $68,500

While a degree isn't strictly required by most companies hiring a social media manager, a certain level of experience is necessary. Social Media Managers have to live up to the name, and be able to respond to customers via social media channels and effectively promote their employer via those same accounts. They need organizational skills, as well as verbal and written communication skills. Some of these techs have to write blog posts and website content.

Building and maintaining websites is another responsibility of a social media manager, and HTML isn't nearly as easy to learn as Facebook or Twitter. Fortunately, you don't need a degree to learn HTML. This is a skill you need regardless of which path you choose in technology. CareerBuilder has over 5,000 jobs involving knowledge of HTML.

Cloud Architect $112,000

In an interview with Bob Rhubart, Dr. James Baty describes what cloud architects do with an excellent analogy. He compared cloud architecture to building a car factory, as opposed to simply building a car. Programs are then created within these "cloud factories."

You might have already guessed, but to get a job as a cloud architect, you'll need at least a Bachelor's Degree. There's a great deal of responsibility placed on the shoulders of the cloud architect, so you'll no doubt want to take that into consideration when applying for the job. Just remember, with great responsibility comes a great paycheck. I'm pretty sure that's how the saying goes, anyway.

Software Engineer $89,000

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If you like video games, then you'd probably enjoy a career as a software engineer. If you know what HTML looks like, and understand that there are actually different types of languages used to write software, then you'd probably be a good candidate for this job. This isn't something you can learn in a weekend, though. It's best to have a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering or a related field.

You could also opt for a profession responsible for the programs that run mobile devices and personal computers. With a degree in software engineering, you could design software for a living, and make apps for your cell phone or tablet just for fun. When it comes to career growth, a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering and the experience you'll gain from working in the field can open doors to even more opportunities.

Mobile App Developer $88,000

You could just skip the software companies and head straight for those who specialize in mobile applications. Most Americans have smartphones, and many have tablets as well. That's great for mobile app developers because they're now in demand. And with the increased use of smartphones and tablets, that need will only increase. The job outlook for mobile app developers is quite promising.

You can apply the skills you learn at work to everyday life at home as well. If your kid is struggling with math, don't take the iPad away. Instead, write an app tailored to his lessons. Next time your friend laments a specific feature his tablet is lacking, you've got an inside track to making it happen. How cool is that?

Web Developer $84,000

If you're a creative type and you'd like to delve into making attractive, functional websites, this is a career choice you may prefer. Web Developers are the hard-working tech guys and gals behind every website page you visit. Not only do these technicians need a firm understanding of coding to build these websites and each of their elements, but there's a personal touch on each one.

Web Developers have to familiarize themselves with their client's business, understand its customers and what they want, and create a website that is appealing to the customers and maintains their client's brand. This is where creativity comes into play. You get to arrange all the necessary elements in a way that's aesthetically pleasing.

Again, with the number of businesses needing websites growing every day, finding a job in this field shouldn't take too long if you're qualified. Employers generally prefer a Bachelor's Degree in a computer related field, but many hire applicants with practical experience and technical skills.

No matter which field you choose to go into, changing your mind isn't outside the realm of possibility. That's the best part about having technical skills, there are so many opportunities for technicians, and more opening up every day. Find your exciting future in one of these technology jobs. You'll have a career you love every day. 

Contributed to by Kim Evans

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