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Finance and insurance professionals need more than just math smarts to get ahead. Discover ways to broaden your skills set and reach new levels of success through the content and insights below.
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When your employer knows you're looking for work, it puts your job security at risk because you're no longer viewed as loyal. Plus, your employer might start treating you differently since you won't be around much longer. That means you're better off keeping your job hunt a secret until you're ready...[Continue Reading]
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We all make mistakes. We might even think one type of mistake is more forgivable than another. But does this thinking apply to professional tax preparation? Image via Flickr by fdMany taxpayers struggle to complete an individual tax return because they lack sufficient knowledge or understanding of...[Continue Reading]
Here at, we like to playfully poke fun at accountants when we can. Maybe it's the fact these number wizards skillfully pull off work that so many of us struggle to do (a job where they often work alone in a quiet space in front of a computer monitor that displays an ocean of NUMBERS... can you...[Continue Reading]
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You've probably seen it in the movies: some poor individual owes money to a person of power, like a crime boss, and when the deadline to repay the debt arrives, some method of violent torture typically ensues. Well, only a few decades ago (in real life), the collection of past-due balances was sometimes...[Continue Reading]
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A great number of accounting professionals spend the bulk of their time working independently with minimal human interaction. But there are some people-friendly finance wizards who choose a career that allows them to combine their accounting background with strong communication skills. They spend less...[Continue Reading]
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