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Finance and insurance professionals need more than just math smarts to get ahead. Discover ways to broaden your skills set and reach new levels of success through the content and insights below.
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A great number of businesses today are hiring skilled professionals, known as internal auditors, to closely examine the innermost workings of their company. Auditors gather and analyze data in an effort to spot ineffective systems, inefficient processes, or failures to comply with established laws and...[Continue Reading]
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You may picture putting your finance degree to use on Wall Street or perhaps with a large investment firm or bank. But don't put yourself in such a tight, unimaginative box. There are tons of industries where you can use that finance degree or MBA in exciting ways. Want to travel the globe, make movies,...[Continue Reading]
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As we have reported here before, the job outlook for the finance industry appears to be fairly rock solid despite recent economic woes. And while growth is expected to be particularly strong for accounting professionals with two to five years experience, opportunities do exist for those of you who may...[Continue Reading]
Contributed to by Kim Evans Have you given much thought to how your job skills could be put to good use in your personal life? Sure, a lot of people prefer to keep a healthy distance between work life and personal life, but if you have skills that, when used, make life a little easier or more...[Continue Reading]
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Contributed to by Kim Evans So You Wanna Be a Financial Analyst? Popular media and network TV are filled with stories about the state of the economy, but despite gloomy prognostications, hiring in the financial sector is booming. As the age-old advice on Wall Street goes, buy low and sell...[Continue Reading]
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