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Finance and insurance professionals need more than just math smarts to get ahead. Discover ways to broaden your skills set and reach new levels of success through the content and insights below.
Insurance agent traits
Contributed to by Kim Evans If you're an entrepreneurial-minded individual with an outgoing personality, you possess a few of the key traits employers seek when hiring for a job in sales. If you're also an excellent listener and negotiator, you may just be a prime candidate for a long, successful...[Continue Reading]
Best Jobs In Finance
Contributed to by Kim Evans   As the U.S. creeps further and further out of The Great Recession, job seekers and professionals considering a job change may still be unsure, understandably, if this is a good time or not to make a move. Those poised to explore new opportunities in financial...[Continue Reading]
Glancing at your home or office desk you'll notice that everything in place is there for a reason. Considering the amount of time most of us spend at an office desk we tend to stock our desk with essentials in order to make our job, our day, and our life more productive, comfortable and enjoyable.Accountants...[Continue Reading]
Enthusiastic movie lovers look to film for a fresh take on history, romance, politics and a range of other cultural trends. Also,when it comes to our day jobs, from attorney to journalist to IT mastermind, Hollywood is sure to weigh in with a new perspective or a theatrical spin on existing stereotypes. Take...[Continue Reading]
Business owners look to a number of professionals to ensure the financial health of a company. Accountants, Controllers and Chief Financial Officers, for example, are all responsible for putting their financial literacy to work and paying attention to the critical numbers that reveal whether a company...[Continue Reading]
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