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Finance and insurance professionals need more than just math smarts to get ahead. Discover ways to broaden your skills set and reach new levels of success through the content and insights below.
It's not uncommon for accounting pros to remain glued to their chairs day after day. That's quite understandable considering much of their work is performed independently at a computer – compiling, analyzing and reporting on large volumes of numeric data. However, accountants who maintain a long-term...[Continue Reading]
Why is it that when most people hear the word "bookkeeping" their smile just falls? Is it because there is a universal phobia of numbers, or a shared dislike for professional accountants and finance managers? Well, not exactly. But the reality is, most of us naturally associate spreadsheets and accounting...[Continue Reading]
modern accountant
Despite how the ink may have dried on a typical Certified Public Accountant (CPA) job description, the modern accountant, as a trusted business advisor, is asked to wear a number of professional hats on any given day. Both seasoned Senior Accountants and those new to the financial services stage will...[Continue Reading]
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