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Working in the healthcare field the stakes are high but the career is a rewarding one. Right now, Healthcare professionals are in high demand and the need for qualified professionals won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Use the articles below to learn more about a particular specialty or increase your knowledge in your current profession.

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nurses looking at a skeleton
Unlike the needs of office workers, healthcare professionals operate on a twenty-four hour demand schedule. For many nurses, just the idea of the night-shift inspires literal graveyard images. However, some nurses actually prefer burning the midnight oil over the chaos of a facility's daylight hours....[Continue Reading]
doctor in scrubs with backpack slung over his shoulder
Sure, in most cases it takes longer than a decade to finally become a doctor, but that doesn't mean you have to keep working in a hospital if you're ready for something new. Walking away from a six-digit income could also stop you from exploring other options, but sometimes it's best to turn your back...[Continue Reading]
animal pictures
Those of you who have chosen to follow a career path in the veterinarian field have presumably done so because of your love and compassion for animals. You likely possess a deep understanding of the bond that takes place between pet and human, but you also know too well about the profound sadness pet...[Continue Reading]
mom with son and doctor in pediatric office
Previously, we shared a number of tips for calming fears in a blood lab, but our suggestions were primarily aimed at adults. While a fear of needles or anything sharp, prickly, scrapie, pokie, stabby (you get the gist) is not uncommon for grown-ups, it's far more prevalent in the youngest patients. Kids...[Continue Reading]
With more than 711,000 new jobs set to be created between 2010 and 2020, the nursing industry is expected to enjoy the largest growth of any job sector, according to the Department of Labor. Like any graduate though, nursing school grads can struggle to get their feet in the door. Read on to discover...[Continue Reading]
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