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The hospitality industry is full of different types of career opportunities, from hotel staff to recreation managers to customer service managers and more. Making customers happy is a full-time and complex job.

Staying current on industry career trends is an important way to make yourself more marketable to future employers.
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Some days it's all work and no play, but when your entire week, month, or year tips the scale in the former's direction, it might be time to make a change. While some high-stress cities make attaining a healthy work-life balance nearly impossible, others go the extra mile to encourage the best of both...[Continue Reading]
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If you're on the lookout for your dream job, you probably spend ample time skimming the latest job listings and fantasizing about a better and brighter place. As you're preparing to take that next step and pursue the next position in your career climb, make sure you're not neglecting these essential...[Continue Reading]
When browsing jobs in the hospitality industry, consider those which suit your personality first. Any job within this industry will require a certain degree of charisma and charm. Friendly, outgoing personalities are a great fit for those front-line employees who interact directly with guests. Good listening...[Continue Reading]
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Chain restaurants often offer food service workers advantages in pay and benefits than smaller independent restaurants can provide. Along with perks like uniform allowances, higher hourly wages, and the opportunity to buy group health insurance, most chain restaurants have a structured path for advancement,...[Continue Reading]
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If you've ever been told you were a good listener, you probably appreciated the compliment but did you know it's also a requisite for some careers? If listening and providing feedback/guidance is a strength of yours, you may want to consider a career in academic advising/counseling. What Is an Academic...[Continue Reading]
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