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The hospitality industry is full of different types of career opportunities, from hotel staff to recreation managers to customer service managers and more. Making customers happy is a full-time and complex job.

Staying current on industry career trends is an important way to make yourself more marketable to future employers.
woman jumping through sprinkler
There are jobs with excellent benefits and jobs that allow people to give back. Rarely the two meet. But in education, teachers are provided with good benefits as they help shape tomorrows. Here are a few other reasons to consider becoming a grade school teacher: Get Summers Off Image via Flickr...[Continue Reading]
Lebron James smiling for picture
Athletes and analysts are abuzz about Lebron James' move to the Cleveland Cavaliers, leading many to wonder what career advice workers can gain from him and other sports stars. It's hard to know that you're taking on a job lesson until you actually learn it – especially when it comes to career moves....[Continue Reading]
girl on phone at call center
For many students, college means more than lectures and long hours in the library. It also means preparing for a future career by working part-time while they study. Whether you're working to rev up your resume or cover your bills, a part-time job is a valuable part of your college experience. Take a...[Continue Reading]
bartender tossing drinks
Contrary to popular opinion, the best bartenders are born, not made. This is because the right personality is key to greatness in bartending. While anyone can learn the recipes and techniques, great bartenders ooze confidence and an attention to detail that inspires their patrons. While an advanced...[Continue Reading]
Waitress serving craft beers
Microbreweries are one of four distinct markets that make up the craft beer industry. According to the Brewers Association, the craft beer industry grew 18% by volume and 20% by retail dollars in 2013. Microbreweries are the second largest producer of craft beers, with 1,905,212 barrels produced in 2012....[Continue Reading]
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