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The hospitality industry is full of different types of career opportunities, from hotel staff to recreation managers to customer service managers and more. Making customers happy is a full-time and complex job.

Staying current on industry career trends is an important way to make yourself more marketable to future employers.
It's no secret that a customer service career requires you to work long hours addressing the demands and high expectations of clients and managers. However, customer service also offers rewards -- both personal and financial. It's hard to top getting a note or other recognition from clients who recognize...[Continue Reading]
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Remember back in high school or college when you had to write a paper for a grade? Back then such homework was often viewed as a chore and it typically got in the way of much more enticing plans. That yearning to be elsewhere would become a powerful distraction and if the subject matter also happened...[Continue Reading]
how to become a paralegal
For the right person, a career in law can easily provide an ongoing source of fascinating facts and insights into society. In most cases, the "right person" can be defined as someone fond of conducting research, thinking analytically, and zeroing in on minute details, but also as someone passionate about...[Continue Reading]
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If you're graduating soon, positioning yourself in the job market now is a great idea. Begin thinking about what you can do while you look for a job. Finding a job is a job and it involves more than just actively submitting resumes. The following tips will help you find a great first job. The first...[Continue Reading]
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Hoteliers today understand they must create unique experiences for hotel guests if they want to compete in the hospitality industry. One effective strategy for outperforming rival hotels is to provide personal touches onsite that are often absent in online environments. Consequently, the quality of these...[Continue Reading]
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