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The hospitality industry is full of different types of career opportunities, from hotel staff to recreation managers to customer service managers and more. Making customers happy is a full-time and complex job.

Staying current on industry career trends is an important way to make yourself more marketable to future employers.
man writing in notebook with pen
Being visible on the Internet is crucial if you're pursuing a career as a writer. However, you can't always rely on links to your previously written works -- especially if they appeared on websites you don't own. Creating an online portfolio of your work (in PDFs) will get you noticed and get you more...[Continue Reading]
woman standing holding resume
You have decided to embark on a career path as a postsecondary instructor. You've completed your advanced degree and you've logged hours in front of a classroom teaching one or more of your favorite subjects. You see job openings for vocational instructors, trainers, and adjunct professors, all of which...[Continue Reading]
casino games
Casinos provide a work environment unlike any other. Fast-paced interactions, high stakes, and a wide range of "festive" patrons certainly keep casino employees on their toes as they aim to help guests feel relaxed and at ease, no matter the circumstances. Some people find work in a casino to be an exhilarating...[Continue Reading]
Broom cleaning, sweeping up hair.  Photo courtesy Flickr jrigol
Before they were drinking bubbly and carrying around tea cup-sized dogs with diamond-studded collars, these celebrities were just average people with boring jobs. While working in food service seems like a must for a struggling, wanna-be-starlet, many went the nontraditional route and opted for something...[Continue Reading]
Photographer shoot.
Professional photographers play a very important role in the lives of many people. They document important, special and memorable events for clients to revisit for years to come. The most successful photographers are those who establish lasting relationships with clients so they can enjoy repeat business...[Continue Reading]
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