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With Tech jobs being the second largest industry to add jobs for 2014, the need for qualified IT professionals has never been more necessary. Technology is evolving at the tip of our fingers and the skills required to create the technology is becoming more challenging and hard for employers to find.

Put your best self forward this year by sharpening your skills and knowledge in Information Technology. Let us help you decode some of those necessary skills for career growth. Explore our articles below.

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guys testing video games at kiosk
Video games have been around for decades. While their popularity in pizza parlors and shopping malls isn't what it used to be, gamers continue to carve out a large portion of their days and nights to play games on consoles and desktop computers at home. Year after year, videogame makers develop groundbreaking...[Continue Reading]
guys sitting at table with computers working
Almost all companies, large or small, have an Information Technology -- or IT -- department that handles all the technological issues that arise. Generally, they may be viewed as the guys and gals who reboot the system or come to your station to reinstall new software. Although they perform these tasks...[Continue Reading]
QR code ring
Every year, the tech demands shift and change with the current trends of technology advancement. In 2014, security, big data, and user demand are the driving forces that will be setting the tech scene. Technical Differentiation Image via Flickr by Fluid Forms Technology is no longer its own "sector";...[Continue Reading]
scientist exploring ground rubble
If you've ever watched Susan Cain's inspiring TED Talk, "The Power of Introverts," you'd know just how talented and skilled those who are somewhat quieter than others really are. Although introverts sometimes get a bad rap for enjoying long periods of solitude, having small groups of close friends, or...[Continue Reading]
head with wires attached
I know what you're going to say... give me a minute... You knew this technology would come someday, but... Hmm. I'm having a difficult time gathering the rest of what you think, but maybe "but" is the point. Mind-reading software sounds so futuristic, intriguing and unbelievable, and yet entirely within...[Continue Reading]
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