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With Tech jobs being the second largest industry to add jobs for 2014, the need for qualified IT professionals has never been more necessary. Technology is evolving at the tip of our fingers and the skills required to create the technology is becoming more challenging and hard for employers to find.

Put your best self forward this year by sharpening your skills and knowledge in Information Technology. Let us help you decode some of those necessary skills for career growth. Explore our articles below.

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all different colored technology cords
Most tech support jobs don't require special degrees or certifications, but that doesn't mean they're easy to get. It seems like everyone wants a job in the technology industry lately, so you're going to need to have tech-related experience to help you stand out. Here are several ideas to help you dive...[Continue Reading]
picture of burger, fries and large soft drink
Contributed to by Kim Evans Just think about it – at one time the concept of fast food dining was considered a breakthrough in the restaurant industry. Placing an order for hot food that was ready to eat in a very short matter of time was an exciting wave of the future. Fast-forward decades...[Continue Reading]
girl in suit holding resume
Contributed to by Kim Evans Searching for a job takes work.  We'll be the first to admit it. Your ideal position will not, more than likely, plop itself right into your lap.  If it does, you may want to consider playing the lotto, but that's a whole other story.  For those of us where luck...[Continue Reading]
unemployment written on a chalkboard
Contributed to by Kim Evans Unemployment happens–sometimes by choice, and sometimes not. Fortunately, a long stretch of unemployment does not automatically squash your odds of getting hired, provided you honestly and tactfully address the fact you've been out of work. In most cases, employers...[Continue Reading]
technology word on chalkboard
Contributed to by Kim Evans  Browse through any office, hospital, or teenager's bedroom and you will assuredly spy a multitude of tech gadgets and tools – smartphones, digital tablets, laptops, portable music and video game players, measuring and monitoring devices, digital cameras... (Please...[Continue Reading]
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