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With Tech jobs being the second largest industry to add jobs for 2014, the need for qualified IT professionals has never been more necessary. Technology is evolving at the tip of our fingers and the skills required to create the technology is becoming more challenging and hard for employers to find.

Put your best self forward this year by sharpening your skills and knowledge in Information Technology. Let us help you decode some of those necessary skills for career growth. Explore our articles below.

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Picture this: for your next job interview, you might be alone in a small, quiet room speaking to an LCD display. Your prospective employer may be one of a growing number of companies that recognizes the benefits of conducting interviews over the Internet. Web camera interviews are more personal than...[Continue Reading]
IT professionals have a solid reputation for speaking a language that is largely unfamiliar to the general public. Given tech pros regular use of terms like "404" and "robots.txt," an industry-specific dictionary is warranted to help non-industry folks extract the intended meaning from even the most...[Continue Reading]
At one time or another, you've probably worked with someone who was unhappy with his or her IT role. That individual may have had the tech expertise and could quickly resolve issues, but he or she just didn't like the day-to-day job. And while each person's situation is unique, it's likely that the individual's...[Continue Reading]
IT Heroes
The typical software engineer probably doesn't list, "Saved the world from doom," as a professional accomplishment on his or her resume. However, there is some truth to this seemingly dramatic claim. The reality is that skilled IT professionals are in high demand by a booming tech industry for very good...[Continue Reading]
IT networking success
Let's face it: As an IT professional, you probably spend more time interacting with computers than with humans in an average workday. You know how to get the most out of a quick Google search, how to optimize your profile in social networks, and how to include industry specific keywords, like "Computer...[Continue Reading]
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