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Whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time, or seasonal work, the sales industry offers many opportunities for growth. Learn how to stand out from the competition, obtain a role in management, and go above and beyond in your day to day.
Holiday display window
The ability to visually merchandise items in an order that makes sense is truly an art.  Think about somebody's living room you have truly admired. Most people furnish a living room with much of the same belongings as everyone else, yet not everyone can hand select just the right items that go together...[Continue Reading]
New sales team
It's not easy being the new sales representative at a large company. With so much to learn and so many new people to get to know, those first few weeks, or even months, can often seem like a chaotic blur. This is even truer when you're not only the new sales person but also the notably youngest sales...[Continue Reading]
real estate agent with for sale sign
People who have chosen a career in real estate work with many types of clients and personalities on a regular basis. From sellers and buyers to inspectors, loan officers, escrow agents, and other competing real estate agents, realtors seldom know exactly who or what it is they're going to encounter on...[Continue Reading]
woman with headset giving thumbs up sign
Say what you will about telemarketing but those businesses that choose to hire a staff of telephone sales professionals have much to gain. Telemarketers can help a company go far in building their lead base as well as increase sales for the company. If you're interested in entering the sales field, a...[Continue Reading]
man with batteries in his chest
Contributed to by Kim Evans Have you noticed recently that your sales performance has been on a steady decline? Do you dread leaving home each morning to hit the sales field and close deals? Are you thinking of calling it quits as a sales professional? If you answered "yes" to any of these...[Continue Reading]
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