Houston, TX skyline at night
Although the United States has shed about 2.5 million manufacturing jobs in the last decade, some industry experts suggest that a rebirth is underway. For example, since 2010, the country has added more than 330,000 industrial jobs, and production is increasing at the fastest rate since the nineties....[Continue Reading]
Plane in sky with jet stream
If you're yearning to take to the skies with your career, a job in aviation is the perfect answer for you. Whether you want to spend the majority of your time traveling from one place to another, or you're fascinated by the mechanics of aviation and want to learn about the inner workings of an aircraft,...[Continue Reading]
light bulb
Going green is a growing trend that's proven to benefit more than just the environment. The greener an industry is, the faster its employment growth becomes. States that have a greater "green intensity," or share of employment in green jobs, typically fared better in the recent economic downturn. Manufacturing...[Continue Reading]
Rolls baking in an oven
You get on the scale in the morning, and the data instantly syncs to your fitness app to show your weight-loss progress. At work, you worry that you left the back door open, so you check your dog's GPS location through his collar's app and tell him over the two-way audio feature that you'll be home soon....[Continue Reading]
Construction worker laying bricks
Blue-collar jobs have perhaps the most misleading name in the workforce. Given the sheer amount of money they can bring in, "blue" is the last color they should be associated with. While stereotypes regarding long hours and hard work are often true, the assumption that they receive low pay is anything...[Continue Reading]
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