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gift wrapped in blue with a big bow and thank you post it on the side
Contributed to by Kim Evans Ah, the holiday season -- when our merry spirits are easily tucked into emptying our wallets. Knowing what blue-collar workers expect to get in terms of gifts or tips keeps you from over-giving (which nobody can afford), or under-giving (which is just downright...[Continue Reading]
sleazy guy in suit standing  with cigarette in his mouth
Let's talk about the sleazy used car salesman. You know, the guy wearing the tight polyester pants, hair slicked back with natural oils, and a bulging belly aimed in your direction as though it's being offered as a surface for signing paperwork? The wheeler and dealer who opens your car door for you...[Continue Reading]
male construction worker wearing protective gear
If you're somebody who works a lot with your hands and your body, you probably have a great understanding of how valuable those assets are for your career. Your body is an essential tool in the work you do, whether as a custodian, an auto mechanic, or a layout worker, which is why it's crucial to provide...[Continue Reading]
factory with smoke coming from it
Drawn to low costs on real estate and labor, many American businesses have moved their manufacturing operations overseas. There are still a few industries, however, that don't quite have as strong of a financial incentive to do so. If you're interested in manufacturing, here are several types of companies...[Continue Reading]
multicolored rooms of an apartment
Contributed to by Kim Evans 10 Job Requirements for Property Maintenance Technicians  Maintenance technicians perform installation, repair and upkeep services in a variety of workplace settings, from schools and hospitals to factories and power plants. These handy workers must possess certain...[Continue Reading]
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