Process Engineer
at Honda (U.S.)

Date Posted: 4/16/2021

Job Description

What Makes Honda The Best?

Are you an innovator? Honda’s core values are what make our company unique.

  • Dreams:  The Power of Dreams mentality drives our team to create intelligent products that enhance mobility and increase the joy in people’s lives.
  • Joy and Passion: The joy we experience at Honda is fueled by our dreams and passion.
  • Challenging Spirit:  Honda’s challenging spirit pushes us to set and reach ambitious goals. Honda is voluntarily reducing 50% of carbon dioxide emissions in our products by 2050 and developing technology to reduce the number of collisions to zero by 2040.
  • Respect for the individual: This core value pushes our associates to contribute at the highest level and work effectively on a team.

If your goals and values are at the same speed as Honda’s, we want you to join our team!

Positions Description
Engineer Associate – Process Group Associate / Technical Ladder

Lead process development in the areas of new model, business plan and

mass production through strategy, planning, communication and execution

for continuous improvement to ensure associate success and meet customer


Minimum Job Relevant Knowledge

  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of assembly procedures and industrial engineering principles.
  • Microsoft Software Experience (Excel, Word, Power Point)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lead and support department initiatives through business plan activity to strengthen Honda characteristics
  • Collect, review and/or analyze process related data for top trending items to identify potential problems and implement countermeasures that achieves our KPI (key performance indicators)
  • Manage, evaluate, and communicate change points to develop processes that improve and sustain production characteristics
  • Develop an optimal process layout by creating and evaluating packaging concepts, part racks, and delivery locations with good FIFO (first in, first out) to reduce process complexity
  • Develop and maintain operation standards to provide standardized training where all associates are able to safely achieve an on time quality product
  • Strengthen Process Engineering knowledge through technical training, mentoring and sharing of experiences that equips your team with skills for personal growth
  • Lead/support process development and maturation to achieve a spikeless new model launch
  • Develop, manage and verify accuracy of process related systems and procedures to ensure compliance
  • Establish and maintain regular communications of process activity to internal/external departments to understand common challenges and adopt best practices that will improve plant characteristics
  • Develop, manage and execute projects and/or processes to ensure the success of new model and business plan strategies to improve department characteristics
  • Design and improve process efficiency for maximum manpower utilization to establish direct process coverage while considering SQCDME (safety, quality, cost, delivery, morale, environmental) impacts

Daily Task Performed

  • Determine the most efficient sequence of assembling specific parts.
  • Manage and maintain operation standards.
  • Develop base processes to be performed within a specific time allotted.
  • Improve processes through reduction in volume of work and automation ideas.
  • Manage and maintain process & part layout in AutoCad.
  • Engineer part delivery racks and parts packaging to the process for the associate.
  • Determine the best location and space availability for parts delivery.
  • Train production associates and new associates to the Process Group.
  • Reduce departmental cost through efficiency improvements in areas of responsibility.

Minimum Job Relevant Experience

  •  4 years manufacturing experience. Line balance or time standard setting (2 years)

Degree/Certification Required

  • BS:IE, or equivalent experience in a manufacturing environment

Required Skills

  • MOST knowledge and experience
  • AutoCAD experience
  • Ability to read and interpret engineering drawings
  • Good interpersonal communication skills, planning and organizational skills

Desired Skills & Abilities

  • Ability to lead/support a business plan theme
    • Knowledge of the department initiatives and business plan
    • PDCA (plan,do, check, act) process engineering skills
    • Ability to implement continuous improvements through process design 
    • Ability to evaluate Good/No Good process design through associate feedback
    • Ability to complete an FSI (fundamental structural improvement)
  • Ability to use department data to identify potential process related SQCDME (safety, quality, cost, delivery, morale, environmental) problems
    • Ability to evaluate and update a GPAC-V (global process assurance capability)
    • Ability to pull top quality items from QICS (quality input control system) and identify process related root causes and countermeasures
    • Ability to pull top down time issues and identify process related root causes and countermeasures
    • Knowledge of KPI (key performance indicator)
    • Knowledge of top trending items
    • Process related data analysis skills
    • Ability to countermeasure the top trending item that negatively impact process development Responsibility
  • Process change point management skills
    • Ability to implement process change points without negative impact
    • Ability to evaluate change points by conducting a MOST (Maynard operation sequence technique) study
    • Ability to communicate process change points and confirm understanding with all production team members
    • Knowledge of current production and characteristics
    • Ability to identify and analyze takt (pace, rhythm) time impacts, based on process change points
    • Knowledge of IPP (initial production part) requirements
    • Ability to create and complete an IPP (initial production part) for a process change point Responsibility
  • Knowledge of current process layout and delivery locations
    • Ability to create a packaging design concept understanding packaging constraints
    • Ability to create/evaluate packaging concepts and determine impact
    • Ability to develop optimal process layouts, including part rack locations
    • Ability to determine delivery locations with efficient FIFO (first in, first out)
    • Process layout 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain) skills
    • Ability to complete a packaging change form Responsibility
  • Ability to develop and update operation standards
    • Operation standard revision skills
    • Ability to create an operation standard in VIOS (visual interactive operation standard)
    • Ability to train others on the IPP (initial production part) process
    • Ability to create an operation standard in PDDA (process data development analysis)
    • Ability to effectively apply the ergonomic guidelines to create 'green' process steps
    • Ability to complete a PQCT (process quality control table) in PDDA (process data development analysis)
    • Knowledge of process and repair constraints
    • Knowledge of process standards, procedures and policies Responsibility
  • Ability to increase process engineer skill through technical training
    • Ability to identify process engineering skill gaps in self and team
    • Ability to mentor/train others in my area of expertise
    • Process development skills
    • Knowledge of all aspects of the process engineer role
    • Ability to complete all of the process engineering TM (team manager) R&R's (role and responsibilities)
    • Ability to represent HMA process engineering in the N/A (North American) summit
    • Ability to complete a process audit and identify improvement opportunities
    • Ability to achieve MOST (Maynard operation sequence technique ) certification
    • Ability to create a process group workload study
  • Ability to develop/improve processes at new model timing based on change points
    • Ability to apply MQS (manufacturing quality standard) CCP's (critical control points) to operation standards
    • Ability to complete operation standard red pen activity
    • Problem solving skills to quickly countermeasure new model process related issues
    • Ability to collaborate with the new model team to design processes
    • Ability to evaluate processes during new model events
    • Knowledge of (OQ) Outstanding quality flow
    • Ability to comprehend process specification and DCS (design concept sheet) when developing processes
    • Ability to complete a K2 audit
    • Ability to complete a process complexity audit and countermeasure identified concerns
  • Ability to create manpower tags and assign processes in MDRS (manufacturing data reporting system)
    • Ability to assess process related reporting accuracy
    • Ability to audit CCP's (critical control points) in PDDA (process data development analysis)
    • Ability to assign packaging and delivery locations in BO (business objects)
    • Knowledge of plant and department compliances related to production / process
    • Knowledge of production scheduling in GPCS (global production control system)
    • PDDA (process data development analysis) query/reporting skills
  • Ability to benchmark internal/external departments to adopt best practices

Environment Candidates will be working in

  • Office / Production Manufacturing Assembly

Estimated amount of overtime

  • 5 hours

Frequency average duration of travel

  • As required

We care about our associates and their wellbeing. We offer a wide range of benefits including:

  • Competitive total compensation
  • 401k Plan with company contributions
  • Flexible and valuable insurance plans
  • Paid time off and paid holidays

Job Snapshot

  • Employee Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Lincoln
  • Job Type: Engineering
  • Experience: At least 4 year(s)
  • Date Posted: 4/16/2021

About Us

Honda opened its first U.S. operations in 1959. Since then, the company has grown to directly employ more than 32,000 associates in North America who are responsible for the design, manufacturing and sales and distribution of not just Honda and Acura vehicles, but also power products, ATVs, motorcycles and even jets. The experience, focus and dedication of this team has led to countless product awards for product quality and dependability throughout the years.

Honda has remained committed to continued growth in North America. The company invested more than $1 billion in its manufacturing operations in 2012. While Honda celebrated 30 years of auto production in North America in 2012, the company's seven auto plants combined to produce nearly 1.7 million vehicles - a new record for this region.

Honda is built on realizing the dreams of individuals, reinforced by the global slogan "Power of Dreams." We are always looking for bright, ambitious associates who are open to new ideas, embrace individual respect, and have a strong commitment to improving society and the environment. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, which may include:

  • Comprehensive Health Care Plans
  • Pre-Tax Spending Account
  • Competitive Retirement Plans
  • Paid Holidays/ Paid Time Off
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Product Purchase and Lease Programs
  • Volunteer Community Involvement Programs
  • Educational Reimbursement Program
  • Vehicle Safety Training Program
  • Credit Union Membership

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