Application Developer
at Hytorc

Date Posted: 3/4/2019

Job Description

HYTORC is seeking a Software Developer to implement application software in support of our new line of electric torque tools. The candidate will work closely with our engineering design and product marketing staff to review/develop requirements for software applications.  The developer will design applications in a scripted language to configure, update and extract data from multiple tools with embedded controllers.  The software developer will design and implement User Interfaces (UI) that allow users to easily support tools across a range of hardware platforms including general purpose PCs, tablets and smart phones.  The candidate will implement application interfaces to multiple external systems including configuration management software systems, firmware update delivery systems and data warehouse management systems.  The software developer will work as an integral part of the team and be responsible for managing software release, unit testing and system integration.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Review and analyze high level product architecture and functional requirements.
  • Develop additional detailed system and software requirements as needed for team review.
  • Design, develop, test and implement computer applications software.
  • Develop scripts to interface with embedded controllers
  • Develop software for operation on PC, tablet, smart phone, etc.
  • Develop interface to other systems for tool; configuration, service updates and data recording
  • Oversee the installation of software on a variety of hardware configurations.
  • Incorporate best practices for User Interface (UI) design.
  • Conduct unit test, integration test, code review and technical documentation.
  • Work with team members to ensure software usability and reliability.

Job Requirements

  • BS/MS in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Suitable combination of equivalent education, training or experience will be considered
  • Minimum 3 years software applications development experience
  • Prior experience with Bluetooth/wireless protocols and embedded device communication.
  • Strong knowledge with scripted languages such as Java, C++
  • Project Management, reporting status on developments
  • Excellent communication and team skills

Job Snapshot

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