Strategic Sourcing Sr. Analyst/ Project Manager – Polymers & Fluids
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Fecha de publicación: 08/05/2019

Descripción del empleo

The Performance Polymers & Fluids (PPF) Strategic Sourcing Sr. Analyst or Project Manager will report to the PPF Group Director, Strategic Sourcing in order to deliver a supply management plan that improves the overall competitiveness of PPF and supports cross-segment sourcing strategies for the larger ITW organization

Key responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

 Data mining and analysis

  • Take existing internal and external data and evaluate and communicate anomalies and opportunities
  • Resolve internal and external data calculation errors and validate final calculations
  • Provide comprehensive analysis to support strategic sourcing solutions
  • Make recommendations using Spend data provided by divisions/business units, validate data is consistent with other inputs (external spend reported by suppliers, product/brand trends reported in strategic planning documents, external research of “should cost” models for litmus test of validity, etc.)
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and curiosity to explore beyond the surface to the data received and identify opportunities for review with senior management
  • Provide detailed, thorough analysis on financial results compared to budget, forecast and prior year, demonstrating a strong understanding of the key business drivers.

Coordinate requests for RFQ’s/Apply ITW’s Sourcing Toolbox

  • Work with the business units to obtain and validate commodity sourcing requirements; use historical data and work product to challenge business unit assumption and maximize benefit
  • Work with the supply base to ensure a timely and efficient RFQ process
  • Create comprehensive analysis of supplier quotations to aid in the sourcing selection process

Market Analysis

  • Capture commodity market data and create comprehensive market summaries that will aid in sourcing strategies
  • Work with Business Units, Finance, and Suppliers to capture and communicate commodity forecast information
  • Create and maintain Chemical commodity database

Basic Qualifications:

Project Management

  • Ability to support/manage projects over multiple businesses, with 15-20 stakeholders, and spend ranging from $5M to $100M/annually
  • Demonstrated capability to support negotiations preparation, assess supplier capabilities, and generally having a background in purchasing operations.

Commodity, Supply Base, & Market Knowledge

  • Ability to develop basic understanding of assigned commodities, including but not limited to: current market conditions, key cost drivers, global supply base, and industry terminology, as it relates to creating competitive purchasing programs for ITW companies
  • A working knowledge of the chemical industry including familiarity with chemical naming conventions, trade names, and chemical synthesis processes as it pertains to feedstock implications to the raw materials will benefit the performance of the individual in this role.

Business Acumen/Leadership & Communication Skills

  • Fast learner that demonstrates strong business acumen and strong communication skills
  • Demonstrated experience in leading and working with cross functional teams
  • Demonstrated experience in analysis and problem solving (showing expertise in data analysis and management using MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, etc.).


  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Chemistry, Computer Science, or Business Administration
  • 4+(Sr. Analyst) or 6+(Project Manager) years of purchasing experience in commodities environment required; ideally have a chemical/engineering background or interest and willingness to understand the industry

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