Lab Technician
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掲載日: 03/18/2020


Job Summary
Test and analyze plastic raw materials, in-process and finished film along with raw resin samples. Run certification analysis using prescribed tests and methods to ensure that they meet specification. Document and report the results to department lead and operations supervisor. Operate and maintain all instruments required to run these analyses. In addition to routine analysis, this position will coordinate with operations for non-routine analysis for trouble shooting and R&D purposes.

Essential Job Functions:
• Responsible for all laboratory analyses, sampling, record keeping and reporting
• Perform tests per company procedures and customer requirements
• Communicate with laboratory supervisor and operations team on a regular basis to insure rapid resolution to issues and consistency of applied methodologies
• Maintain the physical lab and equipment as needed
• Prepare samples from finished stock for special operations
• Other duties as assigned by supervision
Job Requirements:
• Sufficient reading and writing ability to follow work order instructions, thoroughly document findings, and communication findings with manufacturing
• Basic math skills, ability to calculate and enter roll data on appropriate forms and use/read a tape measure
• Must be able to learn how to operate laboratory equipment Instron, thickness, tear, puncture, and hardness testers, etc.
• Must be able to work in a team environment
• Sufficient visual acuity to read instructions, operates machines, and visually inspects rolls produced for defects.
• Recognize sounds of moving equipment and machinery for safety purposes. Work with constant noise at a level requiring the use of earplugs.
• Demonstrate good job attendance and punctuality
• Prior industrial manufacturing or laboratory experience preferred

Work Conditions:
• Environmental Conditions: (Dust, fumes, heat, cold, noise, vibration, toxic conditions, work hazards, etc.) Controlled environment, noise from refrigeration equipment, etc. – Activity: Rarely-only if the technician went into the plant area.
• Must be willing to work 12 hours 4 weeks rotating shifts
• Must be willing to perform job functions following set safety procedures.

Machines, Tools, Equipment, Work Aids
Utilize various lab machines such as: Vollmer thickness tester, Instron tensile tester, Gretag-Macbeth densitometer, Ceast melt flow tester, etc. Utilize computer/monitors, cutter, scissors, markers, tape measure, tools, hot gloves and small hand tools.