Cold Heading Operator
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发布日期: 2020/1/9


Set up and operate cold header machines and auxiliary equipment to produce high quality fasteners while meeting on-time delivery, productivity, safety, quality, and housekeeping metrics.
1. Set-up cold header machines and auxiliary equipment (including wire drawers, wire welders, and grinders) per drawings and specifications.
2. Operate cold header machines and auxiliary equipment.
3. Perform daily maintenance on cold header machines and auxiliary equipment.
4. Perform quality checks and document (where applicable), using simple gages, precision measuring devices and visual inspection.
5. Perform safety checks to ensure safety devices are on and in working order (guarding and all safety equipment). Use proper Lock Out Tag Out procedures.
6. Manually handle parts from work-in-process containers to shipping containers.  Move containers as required using pallet jacks and/or fork trucks.
7. Prepare and maintain accurate records (route sheets and count sheets).
8. Clean equipment and keep work area neat and orderly.
9. Participate as a Trainer when necessary.
10. To work in any other area of the plant by the request of your supervisor.
Usual manufacturing environment with regular exposures to noise and oils..  Moderate to high physical activity, involving routine lifting and pulling. Intermittent cold and hot temperatures.
Basic reading/writing skills and math including fractions and decimals is required.  Mechanical ability and knowledge of tools and machinery is required.   Knowledge of multi-die (boltmaking) and 1 die two blow machinery is not required, but strongly preferred.  Knowledge of the use of measuring devices, blueprints, and drawing is required.  Ability to lift/pull up to fifty (50) pounds.
Reports to:                  Production Supervisor
Supervises:                 None
Works with:    Cold Header Machine Operators, Machine Maintenance, and Quality Personnel        


  • 工作性质 全职雇员
  • 工作地点: Watertown, WI
  • 职位类型: 其他
  • 工作经验: 不限
  • 发布日期: 2020/1/9


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