Production Technician 1
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发布日期: 2019/12/27


Basic Description:

Packages and ships products to customers. Accurately stores, issues and moves materials into and out of the stockroom locations. Maintains records of inventory and shipping transactions.

Essential Functions:

  • Perform work as apparent or assigned. This might include but is not limited to the following activities:
  • Packages, weighs and prepares appropriate transportation documentation for Smith products to customers.
  • Stock finished goods into preassigned bin locations. Cycle counts product and reconciles differences as directed.
  • Operates a variety of packaging and shipping machines as necessary.
  • Evaluates inventory of packaging material and advises appropriate personnel if replenishments become necessary.
  • Inspects products for aesthetic specifications before shipment.
  • Supports cycle counting by accurately counting materials utilizing electronic/manual scales or hand counts. Investigates errors and resolves as required.
  • Enters information into the data base system. Completes documentation and maintains records as required.
  • Maintains bin location system.
  • Operates forklift as required.
  • Ensures that safe work procedures are followed and that proper safety equipment is used when required.
  • Seeks and recommends ways to eliminate potential quality problems, to improve procedures and methods, and to increase productivity using the Quality Management System (policy, procedure, work instructions).

Supports the ITW principles and philosophies:

  • Use of the principles and philosophies: simplify, focus, flow, empower and trust
  • Set goals and targets that support the company, department and assigned tasks.


Minimum Qualifications:

Qualifications for Entry

Might include but is not limited to the following as appropriate to the functional area:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a cooperative and team oriented environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate (verbal/written) effectively with customers, suppliers and other employees.
  • Normal vision.
  • No allergies to oils, solvents or solutions.
  • Physical ability to lift, carry and maneuver 65 pounds.
  • Physical ability to stand all day.

Training for Effective and Competence Performance: Basic Training Plan / Guideline

Might include but is not limited to the following as appropriate to the functional area:

  • Miller Electric's quality system and quality policy, and how they relate to position / department.
  • Department safety and regulatory procedures and policies.
  • Department procedures, documentation, products, processes, and material handling requirements.
  • Software systems as related to department.


  • 工作性质 全职雇员
  • 工作地点: Watertown, SD
  • 职位类型: 其他
  • 工作经验: 不限
  • 发布日期: 2019/12/27


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