R&D Director
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发布日期: 2019/12/3



Job Summary:

The Director of R&D is the senior innovation thought leader for the ITW Engine Repair Division. S/He will successfully create differentiated technology platforms and exhibit a visionary understanding of emerging opportunities that can be turned into business solutions. S/He is a key member of the Leadership Team, working in concert with cross-functional leads to identify, evaluate, develop and commercialize new products & technologies to generate organic growth.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Visionary Thought Leadership & Technical Solutions Scouting
    1. Using an “outside-in” approach to assess emerging trends & opportunities and connect with internal or external resources to develop ideas into business solutions.
    2. Develops and leverages influential network of business partners, internal stakeholders, external industry, academic partners, regulatory and supplier connections to identify new technologies and applications, and apply & "Proof of Principle" testing regime to understand their application to ITW's business
  • New Product Development (NPD), including exploring both short-term and long-term solutions that create a sustainable pipeline of differentiated new products.
    1. Leverages partnership with Marketing Team regarding market knowledge, consumer & customer behavior, industry trends and advances in technology. Leads, develops and inspires a team to explore, test, learn and translate knowledge into tangible solutions.
    2. Understands & embraces the "fit for purpose" mindset to product development and, when available and relevant, delivers uniqueness and differentiation through intellectual property (including trade secrets), testing protocol and/or supplier partnerships.
    3. Directs research and product development efforts and ensures key milestones, project timelines and approved budgets are met.
    4. Establishes and aligns business case with cross-functional Directors and VP/GM to deliver revenue & margin targets. Prioritizes by using the ITW Toolbox (especially 80/20).
  • Creates a collaborative, learning & accountable culture, working closely with internal and external customers, and delivering speed, quality & value consistently.
  • Chemical Engineering Expertise
  1. Able to evaluate alternative solutions beyond chemistry to solve customer & consumer issues by taking inspiration from alternative categories.
  2. Ensures the R&D team has a deep understanding of chemical engineering principles, and how those principles can be applied to bring effective business solutions.
  •       Formulation Expertise
    1. Ensures the R&D team has a deep understanding of core aqueous, anaerobic and silicone chemistries and how these can be applied to create new product performance attributes that bring effective solutions to the automotive market.
    2. Manages product performance testing, qualification/validation & competitive comparisons.
    3. Coordinates with other divisions as appropriate in preparing formulations and in establishing uniform performance specifications for materials and equipment.
  • Supervisory responsibility over R&D including new technology development and testing, qualification, manufacturing scale-up of product formulas, and continuous product differentiation/process improvement.
  • Support divisional Strategic Planning process as needed to include competitive analysis, product testing and claim development, market sizing & trend input and the evaluation and recommendation of business strategies and tactics.
  • Travel up to 20%


Minimum Qualifications:

  1. 15 years’ professional business experience leading both technical and non-technical teams
  2. Must have at least 5 years’ experience directly managing professional managers & leaders within an organization size of $100M+ 
  3. MS degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or applicable field. Familiarity with core silicone, anaerobic and aqueous Chemistries and performance properties.  PhD in similar fields and/or advanced Chemistry is a plus.
  4. Must have outstanding leadership skills, with demonstrated success in fostering a collaborative, accountable and solution-oriented environment that consistently delivers successful results to the bottom line.
  5. Must be innovative, flexible, curious and have exhibited visionary success by identifying and successfully translating market ideas into tangible business solutions. Must have demonstrated success in reading market conditions, understanding and prioritizing speed and urgency based on changing market conditions.
  6. Must have proven & successful new product launch experience, including intimate familiarity with innovation funnel, stage gate product development processes, strong supplier relationships and effective product lifecycle planning.

Additional Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Design, testing, validation process expertise
  2. Proven portfolio management and project/process management experience
  3. Must have strong business acumen and outstanding presentation skills (to customers, industry experts, senior internal staff)
  4. Experience in the Automotive industry


  • Must have a solid strategic view that positions the business to win in markets
  • Results orientation—understands the importance of delivering tangible results and embraces accountability
  • Develops and manages talent, including mentoring & collaborating
  • Leads effectively—understands how to use personal influence in building great teams, leading by example, establishing cross functional reporting and consensus and collaboration
  • Can effectively apply an “outside-in” approach to solutions and opportunities, seeing through the eyes of the consumer and customer
  • Anticipates and manages complex situations
  • Understands 80/20 methodology and can drive strong financial results and growth targets
  • Personal composure under pressure
  • Balances data, logic and intuition in decision-making
  • Must have dynamic, effective presentation skills

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job. This job description should not be construed to contain every function/responsibility that may be required to be performed by an incumbent in this position.  Incumbents are required to perform other related functions as assigned.



  • 工作性质 全职雇员
  • 工作地点: Solon, OH
  • 职位类型: 经营管理
  • 工作经验: 不限
  • 发布日期: 2019/12/3


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