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发布日期: 2019/12/30


Technical Trainer
Instron® is a global organization that designs, manufactures, sells and services materials testing systems. Instron is a clear global leader in materials testing applications and its leadership in the marketplace is continually expanding. You will find that our established strength, commitment to our core values and team focus provides an engaging work environment and offers exceptional opportunities for personal and career development.
We are looking for an engaging and creative individual that has a can-do attitude. The primary focus of this position is curriculum development, but as part of the training group will be required to conduct customer, tech support, and field service training sessions on the operation, application, and maintenance of all Instron products and accessories. This will include products related to electromechanical, dynamic and static hydraulics, hardness, impact machines, thermal, process, and software. Training is conducted in, but not limited to, one of three locations; Instron Factory Training Center, Customer’s facility, or other convenient locations. This individual will be responsible to generate, maintain course curriculum, and will be responsible for the successful implementation of said curriculum. It is also necessary for this person to actively contact customers to market and sell training to meet or exceed the financial goals of the Training department. 
Principal Duties & Responsibilities
  • Develop all necessary course documentation. This would include course description, student learning objectives, course outline, student handouts, note taking guides, course presentation, tests and examinations, and/or laboratory exercises.
  • Support training functions for course planning and development within product and service release processes as defined within Instron Corporation Quality Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • Provides instruction in the operation, application, and maintenance of all Instron products and accessories. Courses may be regularly scheduled or may be customized for the customer’s specific needs and applications.
  • Ensure equipment is always operated properly and safely to prevent accident and injury (and the potential that always exists) to people and machinery.
  • Schedules or assists in scheduling of courses.
  • Communicate with customers to determine customers’ training needs for classroom, on-site or customized training.
  • Assist in developing training quotes for on-site and/or customized training courses for customers.
  • Utilizing customer contact lists (i.e., phone, fax, and e-mail), actively contacts customers to market and sell training courses to customers for venues appropriate to customer needs.
  • Travels to customer facilities to conduct custom-designed operation, application, and/or maintenance courses.
  • Document trouble shooting processes to enhance other individual skill sets in the group.
  • Attend design teams as a service spokesman or representative implementing service policies and requirements. Should technical conflicts arise, notifies Training Center Manager and other appropriate personnel in business teams and departments concerned about the need for resolution.
  • Recommends improvements and revisions to current courses to Training Center Manager and appropriate Course Coordinators.
  • Prepares and conducts special training programs on equipment and software operation, application, and maintenance to meet specific needs of individuals or groups within the company.
  • Documents and controls Training Center equipment inventory.
  • Oversees the maintenance, upgrade, and repair of Training Center instruments and accessories. Takes responsibility to assure the classroom is neat and clean and equipment is operational.
Knowledge, Skills, & Ability Required
  • Demonstrated ability and/or knowledge in course planning, development, and delivery to students at all levels.
  • The ability to clearly communicate complex procedures to diverse groups of individuals with widely varying backgrounds within a specific amount of time.
  • A basic knowledge of material testing procedures, and the ability to relate those procedures to the capabilities of Instron instruments and accessories.
  • A basic knowledge of electromechanical systems, electronic circuitry, machine design, and hydraulics
  • Significant experience in the use of Windows10-based software and desktop publishing of training documentation and material.
  • The ability to work independently to complete assigned projects and perform out-of-class duties in a timely and efficient manner.
Educational Requirements
  • Technical Degree – Bachelor’s degree in physics or engineering, or an Associate of Science in engineering or engineering technology equivalent and 3 to 5 years of experience in a related field.
  • Customer relationship experience.
Working Conditions
  • Classroom and laboratory environment with little, if any, exposure to adverse conditions.
  • Approximately 30% travel is required, some international.
Take this opportunity to join a successful and enthusiastic global team where you can make a significant impact immediately. Enjoy a competitive salary and generous benefits that includes health, dental, life and LTD insurance, 401k (with match), and a 100% tuition reimbursement program. Instron is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. We employ, train, compensate and promote regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law.


  • 工作性质 全职雇员
  • 工作地点: Norwood
  • 职位类型: 工程/机械
  • 工作经验: 不限
  • 发布日期: 2019/12/30


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