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发布日期: 2019/12/30


                                                                                                                                       JOB DESCRIPTION            

Value Engineering Chemist – Performance Polymers & Fluids

Position Location: Glenview, IL, USA

ITW Description:

Illinois Tool Works Inc. (NYSE: ITW) is a diversified manufacturing company that delivers specialized expertise, innovative thinking and value-added products to meet critical customer needs in a variety of industries. ITW, with approximately 15 billion dollars in global revenues, operates seven major segments with businesses in over 55 countries that employ approximately 50,000 women and men. These talented individuals, many of whom have specialized engineering or scientific expertise, contribute to our global leadership in innovation. We are proud of our broad portfolio of more than 19,000 global patents and patent applications.

Segment Description:

ITW’s Performance Polymers & Fluids (PPF) is comprised of multiple businesses worldwide that develop innovative solutions for industrial and commercial applications including: Professional Hygiene and Cleaning Products, Industrial Sealants, Adhesives, and Coatings, as well as performance enhancing Automotive Additives, Appearance Products, Body Repair and other aftermarket solutions.

Position Summary:

The Value Engineering Chemist will lead efforts to identify cost reduction and performance improvement opportunities for the products within ITW Polymers and Fluids’ portfolio. The position’s responsibilities include but are not limited to optimization of product formulations and cost modeling, development of test protocols for alternate supplier validations, facilitating product teardown workshops, and managing value analysis/ value engineering projects.

In addition to a strong technical background, the Value Engineering Chemist should show critical and analogical reasoning to develop high value solutions for ITW Polymers Fluids’ customers. The ideal candidate should also possess great communication skills to understand and persuade stakeholders across the organization.

Key Deliverables

  • Project Execution and Operating Income Improvement
  • Support Sustaining Engineering/ Alternative Supplier Validation as needed
  • Develop Validation Test Protocols
  • Conduct Experiments and Laboratory Tests as needed
  • Identification of product(s) critical performance attributes & relation vs BOM ingredients
  • Develop Cost Models and Optimize Formulations


  • BS in Chemistry, Materials Science, or Chemical Engineering
  • Minimum of 2-years’ experience as Product Development and/or Lab Chemist
  • Experience in Marketing, Ethnography and/ or Voice of the Customer Disciplines is desired
  • Ability to support/manage projects across business units
  • Business Acumen/Leadership & Communication Skills
  • High attention to detail; able identify nuances in product utilization
  • Willing to travel at least 25% and up to 50% of the time

This job description should not be construed to include every function or responsibility that may arise. Successful candidates will perform tasks as assigned or as deemed necessary in the course of day to day operations.




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