Front-end Developer
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Ημερομηνία καταχώρησης: 3/2/2019


Work with our Software Engineering and Product teams to deliver unparalleled user experience through apps and solutions and contribute to the success of internal and external clients. 
You will be part of our small and growing GWF Labs team in Thessaloniki, Greece, whose mission is to create real-time decision systems and intelligent solutions by harnessing IoT and telemetry data. Despite having many years of experience, you are still a hacker, a maker, a learner. Having a real passion for software engineering and user interface design, you enjoy creating novel UIs and figuring out new ways to solve old problems. You represent a unique combination of creativity and finesse. Eager to move fast, and happy to bring others along, you take pride in your team and help it keep ahead of the curve. You will use technologies such as CSS, js, Angular, React to bring GWF’s proprietary embedded technology, sensors, actuators, and industrial measurement systems to life. 

Who you will work with 
GWF has recently established a modern Development Center in Thessaloniki, GWF Labs, and we aim at attracting, developing, and retaining a team of brilliant people, to simultaneously contribute to the local tech ecosystem and the company’s international growth. By bringing together the best of GWF’s digital capabilities, GWF Labs will co-shape the future of industrial IoT in the utilities space. The newly formed GWF Labs team in Thessaloniki offers a vibrant start-up environment, passionate bright colleagues and a clear goal to transform IoT data into modern applications. GWF has highly ambitious goals – and a lot of potential. We have gathered a crowd of 200+ fantastic people in five locations to accomplish double-digit growth and bring really cool products to the market. We are investing a lot of personal commitment, love and money in building a company where employees, customers and shareholders are equally happy. What do we do? In times of increasing resource scarcity, global warming and environmental challenges, we go the extra mile to measure valuable resources (water, heat, gas, electricity) and are developing new measurement and communication technologies in this domain. We are working globally and within our home market Switzerland. We constantly strive to reinvent ourselves, pushing forward a wave of dynamic technology and IS infrastructure investments. Being in the middle of this transformation, more and more of us are really enjoying it. 

What you will do 
As a core member of the GWF Labs Software Development team you will lead the web/user interface modernization of our digital product portfolio, transform our vision into user-friendly interfaces and contribute to digital transformation projects within GWF. You will have daily interactions with your Team Leader in Thessaloniki, as well as your IT and Product Management colleagues in Europe. You are expected to encourage and promote continuous communication within the team, while employing agile methodologies and development cycles. A pleasant/fun environment and constant learning opportunities are also part of the “deal". Getting stuff done is what gives you a real kick. 

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Qualifications and experience
  • 5+ years of experience in the software industry with a start-up mindset
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science, or similar studies
  • Strong experience in HTML5, CSS3 (SASS, LESS etc. - any), JavaScript, Responsive Development (Bootstrap etc. - any)
  • Experience with CSS pre-processors
  • Experience with MV- frameworks (AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery or similar) and knowledge of common JavaScript design patterns, OOJS
  • Solid knowledge on React or AngularJS along with setting up frontend build systems and automating the same using Grunt, Gulp or similar build systems
  • Experience with JavaScript map APIs (Leaflet, MapBox, Google Maps, Here maps or similar)
  • Ability to work with continuous integration and delivery
  • Eagerness to identify and take ownership of issues, drive them to resolution
  • Experience working with JIRA is a plus
  • Ability to create UX documentation (transaction flows, scenarios, wire frames, navigation models, prototypes, user interaction specifications) to communicate concepts and designs would be a strong asset
  • Experience working with UI designers and converting designs to visual elements would be nice-to-have
  • Fluency in English is required, German is a plus
  • Fulfilled military obligations (for Greek male applicants)



Η εταιρία Καριέρα ΑΕ ιδρύθηκε το 1997, με στόχο την κάλυψη των κενών στην ενημέρωση σχετικά με την αγορά εργασίας και την υποστήριξη των νέων που αναζητούν εργασία. Μέσα στα χρόνια που ακολούθησαν η εταιρία έθεσε τη βάση για τη μετεξέλιξή της σε έναν οργανισμό ευέλικτο και γρήγορα αναπτυσσόμενο, σχεδιάζοντας διαρκώς νέα προϊόντα και υπηρεσίες καριέρας, που ανταποκρίνονται στις αυξανόμενες ανάγκες του δυναμικού χώρου της αγοράς εργασίας.

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