Property Management Associate
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Ημερομηνία καταχώρησης: 25/6/2019


The Property Management Associate (PMA) is responsible for a variety of responsibilities, ranging from visiting properties and liaising with clients to managing suppliers and maintenance teams. In general, the PMA is responsible for handling all day-to-day operations, maintenance and reporting related to the company's portfolio properties.

The role requires a thorough understanding of property management, strong negotiation, communication and organizational skills.


  • Develop in-depth understanding of each property's characteristics, tenant and maintenance strategy
  • Develop and distribute periodic reports to internal and external clients
  • Respond to clients in a timely manner
  • Organize tactical inspections and arrange maintenance work to keep properties fully functional in top condition
  • Handle emergency property issues in close co-operation with supplier
  • Organize and deal effectively with property's archiving, certificates, documentation and any public sector and utilities issues
  • Effectively handle and upkeep portfolio software systems
  • Provide input and assistance in due diligence process


  • Bachelor's Degree from an academic institution preferably in Engineering or Real Estate Management
  • Previous experience in property management or operations will be considered an asset

Proficiency in Microsoft Office, especially Excel. Knowledge of Pivot is a plus.

Highly-developed verbal and written communication skills at least in Greek and English.

Solid analytical and organizational skills and ability to multi-task

Client service orientation

Exceptional organizational, follow-up and time-management skills

Ability to work both independently and as part of a team



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