SAP BI/BO Business Analyst – 18 months contract
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Ημερομηνία καταχώρησης: 19/6/2020


Job Title
SAP BI/BO Business Analyst – 18 months contract

Company Profile
Alfa Beta Vassilopoulos Group is one of the largest retail chains with 309 Super Markets, 15 Cash & Carry, 190 franchise stores and more than 14 000 employees.
Alfa Beta is a member of Ahold Delhaize Group that operates a network of 21 companies in 3 continents (11 countries), 375 000 employees and is trusted by more than 50 million customers on a weekly basis.

Position Requirements

  • Gathers business requirements and creates corresponding functional requirements as an input to application design
  • Oversees the reporting framework of the company for maintaining and ensuring efficient and reliable reporting solutions for the organization and provides continuous performance optimizations
  • Provides day to day functional support, application, administration and troubleshooting (L2) for all reporting technologies of AB (BW, BO, HANA, Hyperion)
  • Delivers best in class, operable and sustainable Business Solutions with an optimal balance and integration between the different elements: Applications, Infrastructure, Data, Business Processes, Business Organization, IT Organization
  • Follows applicable standards, procedures, guidelines and methodologies in the implementation and/or maintenance of the platform in the BI area
  • Identifies proactively and proposes business process and/or system enhancements
  • Creates documents in respect to the project management process
  • Drives internal and third-party service review meetings covering reporting needs for all apps regionally as well as locally

Candidate Profile

  • Bachelor’s Degree in information technology or any other relevant technical orientation. Master’s Degree will be considered an asset
  • 3-6 years of experience in IT area. Mandatory prior experience in SAP, experience in SAP retail will be considered an asset
  • Good working knowledge of SAP BI/BW Modules. Knowledge of SAP HANA, CAR skills, Hybris Sales, Hybris Marketing will be considered an asset
  • Excellent command of Microsoft solutions (Office, Project, Visio). General knowledge of programming languages and different types of program platforms. Knowledge of SQL and Relational Databases
  • Fluency in English language, both written & spoken
  • Strong results orientation, accountability and resourcefulness
  • Business acumen, with emphasis on analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong multi-tasking and organizational skills, ability to work under tight deadlines
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills / Customer focus -client relationship management
  • Teamwork & cooperation

The company offers a competitive remuneration package, training opportunities and excellent career prospects.

Contact Details
On line at quoting reference: SAPBIBO_20

Address: 81, Spaton Ave.
Zip code: 153 44
City: Gerakas – Attiki

All applications will be treated as confidential.

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  • Σχέση εργασίας: Πλήρης Απασχόληση
  • Περιοχή: ΓΕΡΑΚΑΣ
  • Είδος θέσης εργασίας: Άλλη
  • Εμπειρία: Αδιάφορο
  • Ημερομηνία καταχώρησης: 19/6/2020


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