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发布日期: 2020/3/25


  • Physical ability to perform rigging up and down of tubular running equipment.
  • Visually inspect equipment before, during, and after jobs to ensure field readiness and safe operation of equipment.
  • Check tubular running equipment before sending to the job and immediately after arriving in the job site to ensure that equipment is in good operating condition before commencing any job.
  • Attend tool box talks & rig safety meeting
  • Should be able to operate and repair any problems with the equipment.
  • Should have good visual acuity and knowledge of hand signals.
  • Know and understand ITS Quality Policy, Safety Policy and comply with all requirements of the Quality Systems Manual, Safety Manual, Operating Procedures, Technical Procedures and Workplace Instructions.
  • Must understand and comply with all safety rules and company policies of ITS.
  • Ensure that work assignments are carried out to the safest and highest quality level.
  • Accomplish required paper works pertaining to the job performed.
  • Perform various duties and activities as assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.
  • Liaise with Client representative for on job Instructions.
  • Repair TRS equipment such as Hydraulic power units, HYD power tong, spiders & FMS.
  • Receive back equipment from TRS & rental jobs, clean, wash, dope, and grease, maintain & make sure they are good to go on job.
  • Check equipment going out in a job before dispatching & make sure they are good to go, report any damages, fix the damage & write it down in a job card, hand over the job card to your supervisor to put it in the tool history file.
  • Report to your supervisor any spare parts needed & based on his instruction you act, he might order them & he might request you to get them from the market,
  • Make sure all the rental & TRS equipment is painted & in a good shape to go out in a job & they are on their designated places.
  • iTS will hire a helper for you, you will be responsible to get him busy all the time, he will be reported to you direct.
  • You have to teach him about our work, get him familiar with the tools & how to prepare orders.
  • It will be your responsibility to show him how to wash, clean, paint, grease & maintain the equipments.
  • You will be responsible to teach him how to receive, check & put back the equipment on place after maintenance & to make sure he is doing it correctly.


Education / Qualification:

  • Mechanical Diploma


  • 2 years minimum proven field experience in rig floor.

Technical Skills:

  • Good knowledge of Rig equipment and function.
  • Ability to work at heights

Administrative Skills:

  • Fast learner, result oriented and independent with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Good customer service skills are essential. Ability to work 24 hour on call schedule. Must be a team player, willingness to help.
  • Good interpersonal skills



在Parker Drilling,我们为能源行业提供先进的钻井解决方案。 我们的技术创新使我们能够提供全球钻井服务、租赁工具和项目管理服务,包括钻探设备设计、建造和运营管理。

作为行业领导者,我们雇用能源和钻井行业技能最娴熟的人员。 我们专门的和具有创造力的员工是我们在深度钻井和延伸钻井领域创造大量世界纪录的原因,并且在安全表现上被公认为行业领导者。

我们一直在寻求富有才干的专业人员加入我们充满活力的团队! 我们在各种不同领域拥有多种机会,这些领域包括工程、管理、人力资源、会计、信息技术、航空、供应链、法律事务和许多其他领域。 不论您是富有经验的专业人员还是刚刚开始您的事业,Parker Drilling均可帮助您实现您的职业目标。


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