PhD student - Structure formation of polymer films for controlled release

Publiceringsdatum: 2018-05-04


Job description

The project focuses on research on phase separated polymer films for extended drug release in pharmaceutics or aroma release in foods. It is a joint collaboration between RISE Agrifood and Bioscience, and the department of Physics at Chalmers University of Technology. The PhD project is a four year project. The PhD student will be employed at RISE Agrifood and Bioscience and enrolled at Chalmers university of Technology. The project is financed by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF). Polymer films made of porous phase separated structures are very effective in controlling the molecular transport. The films consist of a water soluble phase and a water insoluble phase. In contact with water, the water soluble phase is dissolved and a porous network is formed. The active ingredient diffuses through the porous network in the film. The molecular transport rate depends on the polymer film structure. The purpose of the project is to obtain a mechanistic understanding of the film formation kinetics. The film structure evolution will be monitored in situ using high-speed confocal microscopy. The porous network structure will be characterized, for example using combined focused ion beam / scanning electron microscopy and x-ray tomography. The results will be combined and linked to mass transport properties and the manufacturing process. The project will result in increased understanding of the relation between structure and mass transport in the films. In addition, a knowledge platform for design of tailored polymer coatings will be established.

Job Requirements

The applicant should have a strong interest in experimental work, soft material science, microstructures and microscopy. It is also important that the applicant has a good understanding of physical chemistry, mathematics and physics since the studies involve advanced instruments, image analysis, data evaluation and mechanistic interpretation of the data in relation to existing scientific literature.

The applicant should have an MSc or corresponding competence in chemistry, physics or materials science. We need a person, who has a strong driving force, and can plan and perform experimental work independently. Good communication skills, positive attitude and good collaboration abilities are essential. The research results will be presented at international conferences and published in scientific journals. It is therefore important that you are experienced in writing and speaking English. The position will be located in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Please contact Adj. Professor Niklas Lorén, RISE, [Klicka för att komma vidare], +46 76 127 26 19 or Professor Eva Olsson, Chalmers University of Technology, [Klicka för att komma vidare], +46 31 772 32 47 for more information.

Our union representatives are: Linda Ikatti, Unionen, +46 10-516 51 61, e-mail [Klicka för att komma vidare] and Lazaros Tsantaridis, SACO, +46 10-516 62 21, e-mail [Klicka för att komma vidare].

You are welcome to submit your application by 28th of May, 2018.

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