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at SEM Haven

Date Posted: 5/6/2020

Job Description

Generous paid time off, retirement plan, medical, dental, vision, company paid life, bonus program, team oriented environment, advancement opportunities, AFLAC, tuition reimbursement and so much more!!

645 am- 7 pm

645 pm- 7 am

3 pm-11 pm

4 pm-10 pm

No set schedule & 2nd & 3rd shifts offers shift differentials

Personal Care Responsibilities

  • Participates in and receives assignment and nursing report; gives feedback to nurse on elders needs or changes in condition; follows plan of care and assignment sheet; attends elders care conferences
  • Explains procedures to elders before administering and plans care delivery to honor elders preferences
  • Assists elders with care including bathing, dressing, grooming, nail care, oral hygiene and use of adaptive devices according to plan of care and elders wishes
  • Assists with lifting, positioning, turning and transferring elders into and out of beds, chairs, bathtubs, wheelchairs, lifts, etc., in keeping with specific safety needs
  • Carries-out Restorative Programs including range of motion, ambulation and bowel and bladder training as planned and per instruction of the nurse; accurately records delivery of services and progress or problems
  • Ensures call lights are within reach of elders and answers call lights promptly; Ensures that elders who are unable to call for help are checked frequently
  • Uses proper technique in making/changing beds (occupied and unoccupied); uses proper linen handling techniques for infection control.
  • Assists elders in preparation for and transporting to appointments, activities and social programs; leads activities as assigned.
  • Accurately measures and records height, weight, I&0, appetite, vital signs and others as instructed.
  • Completes appropriate charge and inventory forms; uses supplies economically; reports needs

Environmental Responsibilities

  • Cleans & disinfects all surfaces within assigned area using approved chemicals; understands how to use SDS sheets; keeps chemicals in locked areas
  • Maintains cleanliness of elder’s rooms, common areas, bathing rooms, and support areas; cleans bedpans, urinals, commodes, wash & emesis basins. Sanitize bath tub & shower after each elder’s use; cleans floors; wipes up spilled foods and liquids.
  • Does whole room thorough cleaning and bed scrubs upon discharge and according to schedule
  • Replenishes supply of towels, toilet tissue and soap in all areas
  • Straightens, rearranges furniture; keeps common areas ready for show at all times; assists elders to keep rooms neat and clean and keep down clutter
  • Wears gloves during cleaning; changes and washes hands after each room; cleans isolation rooms using proper personal protective equipment

Food Service Responsibilities

  • Brings elders to dining room; assures they are positioned properly; utensils within reach; strives for an excellent dining experience.
  • Serves meals and evening snacks; assists with feeding as indicated; offers supplements and substitutes
  • Keeps elders’ water pitchers clean and filled with fresh water and within easy reach of elders; encourages elders to drink
  • Sets dining room tables for meals; ensures they present a neat and clean appearance.
  • Knowledgeable about food safety, kitchen sanitation, portion size and correct serving utensils.
  • Knowledgeable about meal consistency and ensures elders are served properly as planned (puree, ground, regular, thickened liquids).
  • Follows planned menus; reports any problems with meal consumption, likes or dislikes, and special preferences of the elders.
  • If assigned, cleans the kitchen & dining room (tables, chairs & floor), buses, cleans & stores dishes, puts away supplies and removes trash.
  • If assigned, stocks kitchen with food and supplies needed for the elders; labels and dates all food stored in the kitchen, including dates delivered and dates opened.
  • If assigned, keeps accurate records of food serving temperatures, refrigerator temperatures, sanitation levels, and cleaning schedules.
  • Practices the rules of sanitation at all times when working in food service/dining areas. Is knowledgeable about the potential for food borne illness.

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Orients newly hired staff to the elders and household; is kind and helpful
  • May work with students during the clinical portion of their training

Activities Responsibilities

  • Participates in planning and carrying out household activities, including one-on-one elder visits; documents elder participation.
  • Participates in special events planned for the household and facility.

Job Requirements


Education/Experience: State Tested Nursing Assistant in the state of Ohio, on the registry or eligible for testing.

Must be free from illegal use of drugs and free from use and effects of use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. Must pass drug screening and criminal background checks prior to hire.  The following is a summary of essential job duties; full job description is presented upon hire.

Job Snapshot

About Us

SEM Haven is a non-profit ministry providing nursing and residential care for older adults of varying economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. We strive to preserve and promote human dignity, self-determination, individual freedom and accustomed lifestyle.

Our vision is for SEM Haven to be a home where companionship and caring relationships thrive through empowerment and personal choice.


SEM Haven has built an outstanding reputation upon the achievements of our highly qualified staff. SEM Haven is one of the most dynamic and innovative health care providers in the area. We specialize in resident-centered care and team-based management to make life worth living for our short-term patients and long-term residents.

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