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Date Posted: 8/6/2020

Job Description

traffic clerk closing Inbound Routes--Computer skillls-( heat and air) 5 computers. check seal on door of Trailer and doc numbers-relay to gate. run gate---enter trailer codes.....
dress code for the gate is casual, good sturdy shoes for walking, no open toed shoes.
raises based of excellent attendance, work....
Sequence Procedure: Inbound Processing
Go to Inbound Routes in WMS.
Scheduled Routes: (000 – 599)
• Find the route based on the White Trailer Control Label.
• Match supplier’s paperwork to the ASN’s received.
• For each packing slip adjust the weight to match supplier’s paperwork.
• Verify Plant / Dock is a valid location
• If packing slip is not listed: Check find ASN and enter packing slip #. Manually add packing slip if nothing is found in Find ASNs. (See instructions on Manual Adding Packing Slips below)
• If there are additional packing slips listed, but no paperwork: Verify in ODIMS if material shipped on your trailer # for that day.
• Yes: leave packing slip attached to trailer
• No: Right-click on packing slip and select “Remove From Route”
Rogue Routes (600 – 631)
• Determine ship date from supplier’s paperwork.
• Go to that route date in WMS (ASN’s for Rogue routes filter into the route date of the ASN)
• If multiple trailer numbers are attached to your route number (this means the supplier shipped multiple trailers on that day). Assign your trailer to a new Route number. Use anything route number that is open from 632-649.
• Right-click on one of your packing slips.
• Select “Assign to New Route”
• Change Selected Date to the ASN Date
• Hit “Add Route”
• Create a new route, (any open route 632 – 649)
• Adjust the ERA to match the original routes’ ERA.
• Select “Assign Entire Trailer”
• Match suppliers paperwork against the ASN’s received.
• For each packing slip, adjust the weight to match supplier’s paperwork.
• Verify plant and dock code is a valid location
• If the packing slip is not listed, manually add packing slip. (See instructions on Manually Adding Packing Slips below)
DLC / LTL Routes (See Route Assignment sheet with Supervisor for breakdown)
• Create Route (use the next available route #).
• Hit “Add Route”
• Enter Route, SCAC, and ERA
• Hit “Add”
• Click on “Find ASN” tab (Figure 2).
• Use the filter button to search by packing slip, pro, supplier etc.
• If packing slip is listed and there is no route assigned to it, right-click on packing slip. Hit “Assign to Route”. Select Route number. There are 3 options:
(a) Add everything associated to that packing slip #
(b) Add everything associated to that trailer #
(c) Add everything associated to the master SID #
• Hit “Add to Route”.
• If the packing slip is listed and there is a route assigned to it, you must research packing slip. Go to the original route to determine if packing slip has been worked. (Figure 3) If it has been worked DO NOT ROUTE. If it has NOT been worked, right-click on packing slip and hit Assign to New Route.
• Packing slip is not listed: Manually add packing slip. (See instructions on Manually Adding Packing Slips below)

Arriving Routes (Figure 4)
• Right-Click on Route Number (left window pane) to arrive trailer
• Select “Receive Trailer”
• Enter the time the trailer arrived that’s listed on the White Trailer Control Label
• Right-Click on Route Number (left window pane) to “Receive Route”
• Select “Inbound Route / Part Details” to print the tally. It should automatically print one for the office and one for the dock. If not, click on the printer icon located at the top
• Attach one copy to the supplier’s paperwork and file by date and route number (in numerical order) in designated file.
Manually Adding Packing Slips (Figure 5)

• Go to “Create Manual Packing Slip”
• Enter Supplier Code w/ no spaces (i.e. 12345A)
• Enter Plant
• Select Route Date
• Select Route Number
• Enter Packing Slip number, Bill of Lading number, and the weight
• Select the Reason for manual entry, e.g. No ASN, no pool point, etc.

Job Snapshot

  • Employee Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Detroit
  • Job Type: Other
  • Experience: Not Specified
  • Date Posted: 8/6/2020

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